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Episode #22 Transcript
From Where to Eternity
Captioned by HBO Communications Center,
©1999 Home Box Office,
a division of Time Warner Entertainment Company, L.P.
Images are not thumbnails,
so fuhgeddaboutit!

(singing) this is my lover friend, I hope it’ll reach out to you my love, this is my lover friend, and I hope that you can understand me my love, what you gonna do tonight, when you need someone else to hold you tight.

Hi ya sweetie. They took the tube out of his throat. So now he’s breathing on his own. He took a lot of damage to his spleen. They might have to take it out. Oh, my god. I know. I’m so scared. Hey, listen, listen. This guy, he’s a tough kid. If anybody could make it through something like this, it’s Christopher, you hear me? You got his holiness, that’s good. He got shot too, and survived. Look! Look what they did to my son! My son, those sons of bitches! Easy, easy. When you find him, I want him to suffer, you hear me, sil? I want that motherfucker in agony! Don’t worry, we’ll do the best we can.

Gismonte, with a “g”. The kid who died, right? You never heard of him? No. Well, him and his friend Matthew bevilaqua ran around with moltisanti. Never saw him hanging out with your buddy Christopher? I thought you wanted to help your friend.



Hey. Two days already, I thought they were gonna move him out of ICU. I think he’s getting better. Good, you gotta pray for him. Hey, you gotta pray. We are, Jesus. Oh, I don’t know what I would do, uncle rich. I love him so much. He’s gonna make it. I don’t want that fuck here. I told him that. He’s full of negative energies. He said he’d only come back here if he had something on Matthew.

Start talking. Back the fuck off. Alright, what do you got, rich? The word is definitely out on the fucking street on this bevilaqua kid. Tommy biondi from OTB came up with a name, a dealer named quickie G. (Silvio) he’s been in the Bing a few times. Or it might’ve been this other prick, fast fatty. I’m telling you this won’t take long. I’ll give this bevilaqua kid five days before somebody brings his ass to us to score points.



My brother was in this hospital, the bill was 75 pages long. Eight dollars for an aspirin. So, did you hear about Ralph and Mary rutaldo? No, what happened? You know Ralph has had his Brazilian goomar for years. She’s a dancer, right? She just gave birth to Ralph’s baby, a c-section.

Hey. Why don’t you try and get some sleep? Why? Why? Tomorrow’s gonna be another rough day, that’s why. I don’t think I’m gonna sleep tonight. Is this light gonna bother you? No. Goodnight. Tony? I love you, Tony. I don’t want anybody getting hurt. Not me, not the kids, not you. Carmela, I can’t do one of these tearful things till 5:00 in the morning tonight, I just can’t. Not tonight. Did you hear about Ralphie rutaldo? What about him? That Brazilian he keeps on the side? Yeah? She had a baby. And Christopher’s in the hospital, this is on your mind now? Maybe it has to do with the “CK one” stinking up your shirt last Wednesday night. It’s over, months ago! Yeah, right. “Yeah, right”, what? I told you I cut it off! Listen Tony, if you’re gonna keep doing what you do, at the very least I want you to get a vasectomy. You want me to do what? Let’s get real, Tony. Do you have any idea what a bastard child would do to this family? You ever think about the shame your children would feel? You’re putting us all at risk. I had her tested for aids. What do you think I am?



What you gonna do tonight, when you need some lovin’

(door slamming) to hold you tight, tell me what you gonna do next, when you need my heavy voice, to tell you relax, honey but you can’t let that be no problem, you got to c’mon home.

(pa system) code blue ICU 3, code blue ICU 3.

I won’t be missing you, and honey my love would fail would be all over.

No, oh my god, chrissy! He’s gonna die! He’ll be okay. They said he was gonna get better! No! No, let go of me! No, no!

It can’t be to serious we can’t talk it over



(phone) yeah.

Living in this misery


You can’t make my life all over, honey but you don’t let there be no problem, just c’mon home and help me solve ’em, it got to be all over.

How is he? His heart stopped. They’re working their asses off on him. Alright. Well, we gotta stay positive, right? We gotta give him that. Positive vibes only.

Gentle and merciful lord Jesus, I want to speak to you now with an open heart, with an honest heart. Tonight I ask you to take my sins and the sins of my family into your merciful heart. (Carmela) we have chosen this life in full awareness of the consequences of our sins. I know that Christopher’s life is in your hands… And his fate is your will. I ask you humbly to spare him. And if it is your will to spare him, I ask that you deliver him from blindness and grant him vision. And through this vision may he see your love… And gain the strength to carry on in service to your mercy. In the name of the father, the son, and the holy spirit, amen.


Really, if I had any reservations at all I’d suggest we move him right away. But this is the best trauma unit in the tri-state area. I’m up on all the ratings. Thanks, hesh. There’s no news yet. Tony, it’s dr. Rueben. Mr. Moltisanti suffered cardiac and respiratory arrest due to internal bleeding, he was resuscitated. The bleeding was brought under control and he’s now in stable condition. What was the duration of the arrest? About a minute. Is he still intubated? They’re removing the ventilator as we speak. What the fuck you two talking about? The worst is over but he was clinically dead for about a minute. Doctor, can I go in and see him? No, he’s gonna be in post-op for about four or five hours, and then he asked to speak to Mr. Gualtieri. Me? He asked twice for you and Mr. Soprano.


Christopher. Hey. I’m sorry, T. For what? I know you’re mad at me. What are you talking about? I’m not mad at you. Nobody’s mad at you. I’m going to hell, t. You’re not going anywhere but home. I crossed over to the other side. You what? I saw the tunnel and the white light… And I saw my father in hell. Get the fuck out of here. And the bouncer said that I’d be there too when my time comes. What bouncer? “The emerald piper”, that’s our hell. It’s an Irish bar where it’s St. Patrick’s day everyday forever. Mikey palmice and Brendan filone were there too. They were friends. Those two guys hated each other. You gotta relax, you just need some rest. They’re friends now. They were playing dice with two roman soldiers and a bunch of the Irish guys. Doesn’t make sense. The Irish, they were winning every roll. And then mikey gave me a message for both of you. A message? Yeah. Yeah, he said… “Tell tony and Paulie, 3:00.” 3:00? This fucking morphine drip, I don’t think it’s working. I don’t feel a fucking thing. You gotta be careful with that. That was all he said? Who? Mikey, “3:00”? Yeah. What was he wearing? C’mon, let’s go, he needs his rest. He had on a gangster suit, pinstripe. Old fashioned style. Hey… That was a dream. Forget about it, okay? We’re gonna take you home soon. Do they know this kid likes his chemistry set a little too much? He’s in pain, what the fuck else are they gonna do?

What time was mikey hit? How the fuck do I know? You were there, weren’t you? It was in the morning, right? 11:00, 10:00?




Alright, so I cheat– I used to cheat. I’m not getting spayed, end of subject. You brought up the vasectomy, now you don’t want to talk about it. You asked me what was going on. I saw in the news about a gangland shooting. Yeah. Is that your nephew christopher that you’ve spoken of before? In the papers they said he was in critical condition. He’s gonna be fine. Have they found the person that shot him yet? No… Have you? I’m not trying to pry into that part of your life. I know our deal. But I’ve heard you say before that you love this young man. Christopher was… Clinically dead for about a minute. He thinks he had one of those near death experiences. Says he visited hell. And they told him he’d be back permanent. Who’s “they”? It’s bullshit, it was a dream, combined with the morphine. But now he thinks he’s gonna go to hell when he dies. He’s all fucked up over it. Do you think he’ll go to hell? No. He’s not the type that deserves hell. Who do you think does? The worst people. The twisted and demented psychos who kill people for pleasure. The cannibals, the degenerate bastards that molest and torture little kids. They kill babies. The Hitlers, the Pol Pots. Those are the evil fucks that deserve to die. Not my nephew. What about you? What? Hell? You been listening to me? No… For the same reasons. We’re soldiers. Soldiers don’t go to hell. It’s war. Soldiers, they kill other soldiers. We’re in a situation where everybody involved knows the stakes. And if you’re gonna accept those stakes… You gotta do certain things. It’s business, we’re soldiers. We follow codes… Orders. So does that justify everything that you do? Excuse me, let me tell you something. When america opened the floodgates and let all us italians in, what do you think they were doing it for? Because they were trying to save us from poverty? No, they did it because they needed us. They needed us to build their cities and dig their subways and to make ’em richer. The carnegies and the rockefellers, they needed worker bees and there we were. But some of us didn’t want to swarm around their hive and lose who we were. We wanted to stay Italian and preserve the things that meant something to us. Honor, and family, and loyalty. And some of us wanted a piece of the action. We weren’t educated like the americans. But we had the balls to take what we wanted. Those other fucks, those other… The J.P. Morgans, they were crooks and killers too, but that was a business, right? The american way. That might all be true. But what do poor italian immigrants have to do with you and what happens every morning you step out of bed? What the fuck is this all of a sudden? I’m just asking a question. Oh, so you’re taking a stand here now. Huh? You pick here to make a stand? After all this time, telling me that nothing’s my fault because of poor parenting. You pick now to act like betsy-fucking-ross! When my nephew’s in the fucking hospital! He might not get out!




(Chimes jingling) what, what 3 o’clock again? Quiet. (Chimes jingling) my wind chimes? Sorry, hon. Don’t wake up my kids, paulie. Motherfucker. Baby, you gotta relax your thoughts. Whatever christopher saw, you can’t take it personal. Christopher’s a troubled kid. Who knows what’s in his heart? Come. You’re right. I need to relax with this. Let me help you. That is so weird. What the fuck you saying? 3:00? Kenny and I were supposed to be married at 1:00 in the fountainbleu room at the roman gardens. Mikey and jo-jo had the bella vista room booked for 3:00. But the bella vista room is smaller and has no windows. A week before the wedding mikey saw the bella vista room and flipped out! He almost killed the events manager. So mikey and jo-jo got the fountainbleu and kenny and me wound up in the bella vista room at 3:00. Fuck.


Just trying to tidy up the place. Go back to sleep. Tidying up? How you doing? I’m doing. I’ll tell ya… I’m still baffled by this 3:00 thing though. I wish I had more for you, paulie, but that’s all he said. Let me ask you a question. Yeah? That bouncer that sent you back, did he have horns on his head? No. He was just some big irish goon in old fashioned clothes. Did anybody there have horns or buds for horns, those goat bumps? Paulie, it was fucking hell, okay? My father said he looses every hand of cards he plays. And every night at midnight they whack him the same way he was whacked in life and it’s painful, night after night. Does that sound like fucking heaven to you? Was it hot? Yeah… I don’t know. What the fuck? The heat would’ve been the first thing you noticed. Hell is hot. That’s never been disputed by anybody. You didn’t go to hell. You went to purgatory, my friend. I forgot all about purgatory. Purgatory, a little detour on the way to paradise. How long you think we gotta stay there? That’s different for everybody. You add up all your mortal sins, multiply that number by 50, then you add up all your venial sins and multiply that by 25. You add them together, and that’s your sentence. I figure i’m gonna have to do about 6,000 years before I get accepted into heaven. And 6,000 years is nothing in eternity terms. I could do that standing on my head. It’s like a couple of days here.



Was I insensitive? And perhaps, did I do it deliberately? Do I hate him? How often are you taking the ativan? Almost every night. And when else? Sunday afternoon I took one. There’s another thing, I’ve… I’ve been drinking… Alone. I’m glad you’re telling me. Part of it is that I’m afraid. I’ve told him my son is at Bard. Why did you agree to continue working with him? I took him back because I felt it was a professional and ethical responsibility to do so. Jennifer, I’m not challenging your ability or professionalism, or even your ethics. Then what are you challenging? What you hope to achieve with this man. What do you hope to achieve with me? No, that’s a– a facile analogy. I’m living in a moral never never land with this patient. Not wanting to judge, but to treat. But now… I’ve judged. I took a position, goddamnit, and I’m scared. I feel for you.


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