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Episode #23 Transcript
Captioned by HBO Communications Center,
©1999 Home Box Office,
a division of Time Warner Entertainment Company, L.P.
Images are not thumbnails,
so fuhgeddaboutit!

(male) you have to be absolutely 110% sure this is who you saw. This is definitely the man I saw. Have you ever seen him before? No. And the other man? Unfortunately, I didn’t get a good look at him. The light was reflecting off the windshield. But he was heavyset, it was really dark, I didn’t want them to see me. I heard gunshots, but I thought it was kids with firecrackers. And then when two men drove out in a car, I crouched down in the ragweed. Sure. It began to dawn on me what had happened. Like I told the responding officers, I didn’t finish changing the tire. I walked to a phone, called right away. Thank you. I’m so goddamn fed up with crime. I’d hate myself if I didn’t come forward and help you put these people behind bars. Thanks to people like you, we may just do that. May I ask who the dead man was? Just a poor kid got hooked up with the wrong crowd. Crack? Something like that.


(Young child) mommy. Mommy. Mommy. Mommy. No. Mommy. Hey, what’s the matter, you lost? Uh-huh. You scared me half to death. I can’t turn my back for a minute. I know what that’s like. My little guy was a real cadet at his age. Tony. Yeah. It’s good you could meet me. No problem. I went over to brookstone and I got myself a scale. What do you want to talk about? Fucking Dick barone. As long as the two of you are happy. I’m in no mood. This freaking garbage business… I found out that bow tie wearin’ motherfucker is charging me twice as much as everybody else to tip my trucks at his place. So, you’ll pad the tonnage, and you charge your townships a little extra for the pick up. That’s all. I got the smallest amount of roots of anybody in the association. You’re like the old woman who’s got a Virginia ham under her arm and she goes around crying ’cause she’s got no bread. What the fuck? Never mind, the point is… Your brother, jackie, he never concentrated on sanitation, so, what do you want Dick to do? I want a rate. Alright, I’ll see what he says. Yeah. You see. Since you own part of the company.


Did you shut all the lights? Yeah. The kitchen? Yeah. I want to spend more time with AJ. It’s the other one you should spend time with. She’s almost out of the house. Hey, I’m not worried about meadow. Meadow can take care of herself. Why this sudden burst of fatherhood? Can you say anything without it being sarcastic? You’re right, I’m sorry. I think it’s a good idea. He adores you. He never gets to spend enough time with you. Yeah, well… I was reading in “time” the other day, this study at Harvard. The father’s support is absolutely linked to a boy’s later capacity to manage frustrations, to explore new circumstances, and to do well in school. Kid needs to toughen up. I’m not talking about toughening up, I’m talking about opening up. Somebody needs to teach that kid some street smarts and not to be a sucker. And not to be involved with the wrong people. I don’t want another Christopher on my hands. I mean, look at him, he’s lucky to be alive. That other poor prick, they found dead. Kid was 23 or something.



Hey pal, with the ramlosa. Put three cases of that in my car. Got it. That’s not a mistake. No, I want another 14 gross of the model number 4784. Plastic picnic cooler, just ship them. I’ll worry about selling them. Red. Fuck blue, red sells. Put it here. Put that on the store tab. He says take three gross of the blue coolers he’ll give us a price on the red. Well, fuck that. He’s never getting paid anyway. They got to be all red. Yeah, just do it, please? Thank you. Goodbye. Who gets chicken and peppers? A lot of fuckin’ work to move some picnic coolers. Coolers are like scissors. Everybody wants one. Nobody has a fuckin’ idea how much they cost. You put a Nigerian out on the street, have them sell these for a couple three bucks piece. Who’s not gonna say, “fuck it, give me one.” Davey, how we doin’ with them books of airline tickets? Won’t it raise a red flag with the travel agency? A sporting goods store charges airline tickets in bulk? You say it’s a promotional device. You know, customer of the year, salesman of the month. That kind of thing. Don’t worry about it. You put it on different lines of credit. Yeah, but all of a sudden, I’m ordering all this weird shit, I mean, picnic coolers, ramlosa water. When’s one of these vendors gonna realize I’m never gonna pay ’em and call the cops? When your fucking credit runs out, diamond Jim. Until then, get on the fuckin’ horn and order. Unless you’re ready to pay us the principle you owe us.




Hey! Put the heat up. Today! Oh, fuck! Fuck! What’s the matter? Spider. So, kill it. Uh-uh, you do it. Come here and kill the freakin’ thing. Come here. No way. No, c’mon. It was a leaf, you freakin’ idiot. Mister. Yeah. Some man here to see you. Who? The police. Be right back. Did you let them in the house? Warrant. Warrant. How do you say it in fuckin’ polish? Agent Harris. Who’s your friend? I’m detective Harold giardina. From the essex county task force. Well, I’m pleased to meet you. But if you don’t have a warrant, could you get the fuck out of my house ’cause I’m kind of busy. I can see that. Oh, you’re a comedian. Is that how you broke your nose? Tony, we could have phoned. We paid you the courtesy of a visit. We want you to come down to the station to talk. To talk. About Matthew Bevilaqua. Dad? Take the backboard out of the cabana. I’ll be down there in a couple of minutes. Look a lawyer up, come in one on one, it’s your call. Just name a time at your convenience. On your way out, you think you can roll the garbages down the hill? Tomorrow is pick up day. Let’s go, harry. So those were those FBI guys that were here before. What did they want? Nothing. Keep this between us, alright? You know how your mother gets.


What do you got for me? Partial lists of the major investors in webistics. Other than that, I haven’t seen tony in a while. You mean, besides the night tony capped the Bevilaqua kid. What are you talking about? Did you fuck me? Did you fuck me? Take it easy. Take it easy? How about I put a bullet in that stupid fucking boars head of yours? He was spotted, Sal. So, don’t go pulling my taffy. ‘Cause at this fucking second, if you lie to me, you will never see the streets where you live for 50 fucking years. Did you know about this? No. If you knew soprano was planning something and didn’t tell me, and didn’t wear a fucking wire. I told you, no! Well, there was someone else with tony the night he shot the kid up. A quote-un-quote husky accomplice. Yeah? Yeah. But the witness couldn’t id. Him. Oh. Oh. Were you the perp the witness couldn’t make? What the fuck are you talking about? Are you crazy? What I fucking tell you, huh? No fucking violence! I ought to burn you right now and let the judge throw away the fucking key. I’m gonna decide to believe you, okay? But here’s what you’re gonna do for me. I want to hear tony’s voice on tape, sal, saying, “i killed matthew bevilaqua.” No distortions, no throat clearings, no fuckin’ nose blowings. Okay, okay, I get it, but let me ask you something. If I did ride with tony on something like that, don’t you think it would only get me tighter with him, raise my coinage? Make tony forget all his suspicions? You’re a cute prick, puss, I’ll give you that. Get me tony on tape talking about this murder. So, who’s the witness? No joke, sal. You don’t want to see my darker side. Go.



If they had enough to pinch you for, there’d be bars between us right as we speak. So, why do they want me to go down there? Lock you into a story, any story. So, later at trial, any contradiction’ll sink you. Are we gonna go? Did you say you’d go? Please. Alright. Procrastinate. Let me get our ducks in a row. In the meantime, keep your cool and go the speed limit. Don’t give them an in. What’d I just say? Don’t give them an in. Are you alright, tony? This is some bad shit here. What’s up, anthony? How did this happen? Mid-life crisis? You can talk to me.


(Carmela) the mothers last year said we should end senior night at sunrise at long beach island. That way they can dance, they’ll do the scavenger hunt and the liquor stores’ll be closed. We count noses. Yeah, okay. Jesus, is that the time? I’m gonna barely get natalie to tap. Chris, need a ride? No, my brother’s coming to pick me up. Eric took my car to a fencing meet. Alright, next week, my house. We’ll tie up the loose ends. Alright. Christine, i’m so glad you stayed behind. Yeah, I kind of wanted to. When I found out about eric’s car, I told tony to give it right back. I wish I could say this is the first time dave has pulled a stunt like this, but… Uh… Eric is going to college and maybe it’s better for his grades he doesn’t have a car. So, april 1st, huh? Oh, how I dread it. Just so long as eric gets into georgetown. It’s his first choice. I wish it was meadow’s. She wants to go to berkeley. (Doorbell) hi. We just finished. I’m sorry I’m late. I was bidding a job in rumson. My brother, the artist with wallpaper. The only one you trust with your brunswick and fields. Vic, carmela soprano. Victor musto. Nice to meet you. You too. You have a beautiful house here. Oh, thank you. Not that it couldn’t use a little freshening up. Vic does amazing border work too. Actually, I was thinking of doing some wallpaper in the dining room. Do you have a card, vic? Yeah. Sure. I’m bonded, state certified, but I’m still dangerous. Well bye, carmela, thanks. Well, let’s get together soon and have lunch, okay? Have you tried the new vesuvio? No. Okay, lunch, promise. Yes. Nice meeting you. Oh, you too, and i’m gonna call about the wallpaper. Nice lady. Don’t even think about it. She’s married to tony soprano. Married’s good enough for me. Who her husband is doesn’t matter. I respect the ring. Oh, especially that ring. Probably came off a dead person’s finger.




(Female) david, are you down there? Be right up. What are you doing up there? I’m fixing the fucking lightbulb, that’s all! It’s glares out the “one” ball when I rack. Jesus, okay. You’re the one that’s always worried about somebody ruining the felt.

Oh richie, baby, you’re the best. You’re the best one. Oh, baby, you’re the best one ever. (Moaning) baby, you’re the best. Oh, baby, you’re the best. Oh, richie, oh, richie. Oh, baby, you’re the boss. Oh, you’re the boss. Oh, you’re the boss. Oh, baby. Oh, you’re the best. Oh, oh, it should be you. Oh. It should be you. Oh. What? What? Fuck that come from? What? “It should be you”? What are you trying to say, janice? What? Don’t “what” me! Why’d you say that? I was making love to you, baby. You know what you said. I was in the heat of passion, I’m doing it like you like. “Boss” this. “Boss” that. “Should be you.” That’s not part of it. How can you think of shit like that during sex? You’re not in the moment. I find powerful men erotic. Is that another dig in me? Oh, jesus, richie. I got to be loyal. Without that, we crumble. Tell that to paul castellano. I’m old school, janice. All I mean is my brother needs help. Teaching him manners is one thing. My uncle junior still has friends and junior thinks the world of you. When your opponent gives you an opening, be swift as a hare. When I think of that jacket I gave your brother and he spit on it. I could slice an ear off his head. Richie wait, wha– ma, if you need something, call, I’ll bring it up. Are you smoking marijuana? I want to watch the tv. Well, we should get another one for your room. Listen to her. Like rose kennedy with all our money to throw around.



(Breathing heavy) (moaning) gives me agita. They want me to go downtown. Lock you into a story. And if they do have something, why the fuck ain’t they talking to you? Give them time, they will. Murder and aid of racketeering. 20 to life. There they are. The flying garvone brothers. Not good. Not good. On my fucking kids, I will fucking cut you. Just tell me. Take it easy, ton’, it’s fixable. First off, it’s not a rat. Thank god. Don’t thank him yet. There’s an eyeball witness. What’re you talking about? Jesus christ. Fucking shit! Did you see anybody?! Did you see another living fucking soul?! Fuck, no. Don’t worry. A mere bump in the road. Oh, you’re beautiful. Who, do we know him? All my friend at station knows is that he’s a civilian. A flag-saluting motherfucker. Maybe you should “lamb chop it” for a while. (Pussy) I keep a suitcase in my truck. Yeah, tell us about it. Fuck all of yous. Bygones are never bygones. This is a fucking nightmare. I have to move some cash around. If i’m gonna lam it, i’m going with a fucking package. I’m not gonna be like mickey marsucal. That poor prick, he had five fucking minutes to run. He ended up in some rat infested motel down in elvis country. Where is that? Anywhere there are no jews or italians. I don’t get it. It’s starting! It’s fucking starting! Get back in your office, david! I’m opening my mail and it’s a lawsuit! It’s a fucking lean on the building, they’re gonna close me down! Davey, not fucking now, okay? They’re gonna know after this that it’s fraud. I’m gonna go to jail for this! Get the fuck back in your fucking hole, now! Davey… You’re doing a good job! Don’t worry about this witness, T. Exactly. You don’t even know what he said. Fuck you, I did too. What, then? I understood. What’s it mean? It means sit on this, cocksucker! Five minutes away from the can for the rest of my fucking life and I’m laughing. You gotta, skip, you gotta.




It’s been months since davey took me to dinner. When you’re dating it’s all candles and wine. Dave’s been even more preoccupied than usual lately. He’s busy. Carmela, my husband has a disease, a serious gambling problem. I am so sorry. Thank god the store’s in my name. He can’t sell the business without me or he would’ve gambled it all away by now. But I’m gonna make sure we get through this. Uh-uh. Give me those. I’m gonna make you two beautiful women a special tasting menu. I was hoping he would say that. Now I know you ordered the pelligrino, but I want you to try this. I got such a deal on this ramlosa. It was so nice to meet your brother the other day. He seems like a very interesting person. Vic’s a doll. When his wife was dying, he waited on her hand and foot. Really? A widower? So young. Breast cancer. I thought there was a sadness about him. Yeah. And the children? Childless. She had a hostile womb. I had a dream about him. You did? Christine… Well, he asked me about you too. He was wallpapering my dining room. Oh, well, the dream was your subconscious telling you you want to have him wallpaper your dining room, that’s all.



Hey, go-gootz! I got something for you. What? What? A rod and a Penn international reel. Thanks. You wanted it for Christmas last year, remember? We couldn’t get it, it was backordered. Well I got a great deal on them. We’ll, take the boat, we’ll go out fishing. Okay. What are you doing now? You want to go fishing now? No, no, I’d figure we’d see a movie or something, get some pizza. I can’t. What do you mean you can’t? I’m going to the mall. You can’t see a movie ’cause you gotta go to the mall? Not just me, brad, Alan, heidi, her sister maybe. Like a double date. No, dad, okay? We’re just going to the mall, we go there sometimes. And do what? I don’t know, get something to eat, some Mrs. Fields. Anyway, I gotta go, I’m meeting them there. Alright. Go ahead. See you later.

Yeah, my girl did the same thing… At his age. Boys and girls always in a group, what’s that about? What’s it about for you? In my day a boy and a girl went on a date. And your father hoped you wouldn’t get too far or else you’d get the girl knocked up and her parents would come over and break your legs. I don’t think it’s about him going to mall with a group that bothered you. Wasn’t it that he was going to mall instead of going to the movies with you? He’s getting to that age where he’s got a life of his own. One that doesn’t include you. It’s always, “we’ll do this, we’re gonna do that”. Not so fast, I’ve heard you talk many times about being with your son. Yeah well, that’s over now. Gone, done. It’s bittersweet, this period. You’re glad that they’re growing up, but you’re sad to lose them. I could be going away… For a very long time. For something I didn’t do. How about, “gee, that’s too bad, Anthony”, or “what a shame, Tony”? We can’t go into specifics on this. Here’s something specific, I didn’t do anything wrong. We’re not supposed to talk about it. I could be going to can for the rest of my fucking life. And I’m not supposed to discuss it with my psychiatrist? What the fuck are you for, anyway? How does that make you feel, the idea that you might be sent to prison? I just gotta stay around a little while longer for the kids. Especially my boy. Once he’s out of the house the government can do whatever the fuck they want to do. Give me life, give me the fucking chair, whatever they want. I’ve never seen you like this. Like what? Scared. You know, I wouldn’t use that word. But sometimes I feel… I don’t know, I don’t know. You motherfuckers, you motherfuckers! I don’t fucking deserve this. How’s your medication? Maybe we should stop.



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