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#54 (S5:Ep2)
Rat Pack
(original air date 3/14/2004)

Writer: Matthew Weiner
Director: Alan Taylor

Guest Stars:
Jerry Adler – Hesh Rabkin
Robert Loggia – Feech La Manna
Ray Abruzzo – Little Carmine Lupertazzi
Joe Santos – Angelo Garepe
Robert Desiderio – Jack Massarone
Patti D’Arbanville – Lorraine Calluzzo
Rae Allen – Aunt Quintina Blundetto
Frank Vincent – Phil Leotardo
Carl Capotorto – Little Paulie Germani
Lola Glaudini – Agent Deborah Ciccerone-Waldup
Karen Young – Robyn Sanseverino
Vanessa Ferlito – Tina Francesco
Sharon Angela – Rosalie Aprile
Maureen Van Sandt – Gabriella Dante
Anna Mancini – Donna Parisi
Denise Borino – Ginny Sacrimoni
Dan Grimaldi – Patsy Parisi
Joseph R. Gannascoli – Vito Spatafore
Robert Funaro – Eugene Pontecorvo
George Loros – Raymond Curto
Frank Pellegrino – Bureau Chief Frank Cubitoso
Frank Pando – Agent Frank Grasso
Matt Servitto – Agent Dwight Harris
Dan Castleman – Prosecutor Castleman
Tony Lip – Carmine Lupertazzi
Triney Sandoval – Agent Reyes
John Viscardi – Agent Jefferies
Kelly AuCoin – Agent Jim Ashe
Nick Bosco – Ken Wu
Scott Johnson – Cop
Joe Maruzzo – Joe Peeps
Frank Fortunato – Jason Evanina
Vinny Vella, Sr. – Jimmy Petrille
Angelo Massagli – Bobby Baccalieri, Jr.
Miryam Coppersmith – Sophia Baccalieri
Marianne Leone – Joanne Moltisanti
Richard Maldrone – Albert Barese
Allison Dunbar – Nicole Lupertazzi
Caroline Rossi – Violet Lupertazzi
Drummond Erskine – Uncle Zio
Rosemarie Dana – Old Lady
David Copeland – Joey Cogo
Joe Scarpinito – Paulie’s Friend
Frank A. Vallelonga – Mourner #1

Music In This Episode: Visit HBO’s Official Site

Episode Notes: It appears that writer Matthew Weiner likely portrayed Manny Safier in the previous episode “Two Tonys”

At the big Vesuvio party for the release of Tony’s cousin, Tony Blundetto, Little Bobby askes the question we’ve all been wondering, “Why haven’t we ever heard of you before?” Sporting a 15 year-old Miami Vice suit (Artie greets him and even makes a joke about Tubbs, while completely ignoring Tony) he seems a little overwhelmed by finally being on the the outside. Tony gives him a fancy cel phone “so he can call when he needs me,” but Feech one-ups the “Boy King” (as he snidely refers to him) and hands Tony B. a fat envelope of cash. Tony B. isn’t completely respectful of the Boss either with his fat comments and they have some words over it. Tony B. also announces he doesn’t want any part in the air bag scam because he’s going straight, and plans to get his Massage Therapist license.

Junior is acting a bit out of it again, but yet he can remember a point-shaving deal from 1951 when Bobby announces to everyone that Carmine has croaked. Johnny Sac is a little too commanding at the funeral and Little Carmine is pissed off. It doesn’t help that Phil Leotardo is telling jokes and that Ginny is supposedly responsible for the Opus Dei medallion on the rosary clutched in Carmine’s hands for all eternity. This scene also introduces the sassy and street-savvy lady shylock, Lorraine Calluzzo along with the “love of her life” Jason Evanina.

The government is still trying to deal with the aftermath of Uncle Junior’s trial and they’ve got a bunch of people working with them. On a rainy night they stake out Napoleon’s Diner where Tony is meeting with Esplanade co-conspirator Jack Massarone. What Tony doesn’t know yet is that Massarone is also conspiring against him. He’s capturing their discussion with a tiny microphone in his baseball cap, but Tony doesn’t say too much. Patsy breaks the news to Tony that the night of this meeting one of the cops on the payroll ran the plates on a suspicious car in the immediate vicinity and it was a “no hit.” By the end of the episode Tony has chucked the Rat Pack painting Massarone gave him into the river and shortly thereafter Massarone’s body is discovered in the truck of his car.

He’s not the only fellow to end up dead, and after Adriana confirms seeing the now deceased Joey Cogo with another guy while out to dinner with Tony, Chris and Valentina the agent jumps out of the car and zooms away. She’s finally realizing the impact the things she says have with them, and turns over all the info she’s got on her hoochie-mama maid of honor, Tina, since she won’t stop flirting with Chris. However, the Feds know there are things she’s still not telling them, thanks to a camera mounting in the Crazy Horse parking lot. The pressure is getting to her and with gallons of wine in her system during Carmela’s second Film Club Night (Tony swiped the DVD player, but the ladies seem to prefer gossip to movies anyway) she comes very close to revealing her secret. Instead she runs out, falls in the driveway and races away; probably with Rosalie’s comments about Judas hanging himself ringing in her ears.

Meanwhile, Raymond Curto’s still spilling his guts too, while trying to wring as much money as he can out of them.

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