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#56 (S5:Ep4)
All Happy Families
(original air date 3/28/2004)

Writer: Toni Kalem
Director: Rodrigo Garcia

Guest Stars:
Jerry Adler – Hesh Rabkin
Robert Loggia – Feech La Manna
Peter Bogdanovich – Dr. Eliot Kupferberg
David Strathairn – Robert Wegler
Frankie Valli – Rusty Millio
Joe Santos – Angelo Garepe
Ray Abruzzo – Carmine Lupertazzi, Jr.
John Pleshette – Dr. Ira Fried
Frank Vincent – Phil Leotardo
Patti D’Arbanville – Lorraine Calluzzo
Carl Capotorto – Little Paulie Germani
David Lee Roth – As Himself
Lawrence Taylor – As Himself
Bernie Brillstein – As Himself
Max Casella – Benny Fazio
Joseph R. Gannascoli – Vito Spatafore
Joe Maruzzo – Joe Peeps
Michael Pemberton – Supervisor Jimmy Curran
Stewart J. Zully – Alan Ginsberg
Will Janowitz – Finn DeTrolio
David Little – Asa Silverman
Leon Wieseltier – Stewart Silverman
Chris Caldovino – Billy Leotardo
Cameron Boyd – Matt Testa
Cal Robertson – Andrew
Adam Rose – Todd
Gabriel Millman – Lem
Michael Goldstrom – Jonah Dangler
Vincenzo Ameruoso – Carl “Fat Carl” Carlo
Frank Fortunato – Jason Evanina
Anthony Desio – Jimmy La Manna
Terence Patrick Winter – Tom Amberson
Fran Gennuso – Ms. Mary Bisacci
Manu Narayan – Sukhjit Khan
Lenny Singer – Uncle Jack
Susan Pourfat – Gillian
Dennis Aloia – Justin Blundetto
Kevin Aloia – Jason Blundetto
Joseph Larocca – Rich Alberga
Gina Lynn – Stripper
John Marinacci – Dealer
Jimmy Della Valle – Gunman
John Lanzillotto – Mook
Victor Cruz – First Valet
Jorge Pupo – Second Valet
Gillien Goll – Guest
Neil Levine – Another Guest
Valerie Romanoff – Band Leader
Starlight Orchestra

Music In This Episode: Visit HBO’s Official Site

Lots of power struggles in this episode.
Feech comes to Tony and asks for “his” executive card game back. It’s been 11 years and technically the game belongs to Uncle Junior now, but Tony grants him 20%. It’s not what Feech wanted, but he takes it. Silvio refers to him as an “egomaniac,” plus the old guy continues to irritate Tony with his long-winded tales from days of old. There is some verbal jousting at one of the games, and Tony steals the thunder from one of his stories. Glancing around the table he notices everyone is laughing, everyone except Feech.

Seizing what he sees as an open opportunity, Feech hijacks all the expensive import automobiles from the Fried/Silverman wedding reception, and adds insult to injury by routing the stolen cars through New York. He still regards Tony as a kid, and Tony knows he “needs to nip it in the bud,” so Feech is set up with a truckload of stolen TVs and a visit by a parole officer that’s not taking on the payroll in order to get rid of him in a non-violent fashion. The same can’t be said for New York; in a declaration of war with Carmine, Johnny Sack orders Lorraine and Jason killed for their continued refusal to kick up to him.

AJ’s college advisor, Robert Wegler, calls for a meeting because their son’s grades have reached “crisis mode.” At this time AJ is almost delighted to discover he’s learning disabled and may be eligible to take the SATs without a time limit. As a motivation tool, Tony aquires a brand-new Nissan SUV, which is destined to stay parked in the garage until AJ can pull his grades up to a C average. His tutor sputters down the driveway in a crappy Dodge Omni, while the boy who, out of sheer boredom, previously raced his mother’s Mercedes up and down the driveway for an afternoon complains that it’s not an environmentally-sound vehicle.

Against her better judgement and feeling the need to compete with Tony for AJ’s affection, Carmela decides to let him stay in New York for the Mudvayne concert with his friends. After concocting a lie with Meadow so that he can stay at the hotel, he wakes up with his eyebrows shaved off and his face Crazy Glued to the carpet. When he finally returns home Carmela is hysterical with worry and AJ responds with a “fuck you.” However, when his father arrives to deal with the situation he puts on a good son act by pretending to be taking out the trash. At her wits end, Carm sends him to live with Tony. He is delighted, but Tony doesn’t agree with this decision.

Tony mentions to Carmela that he’s no longer seeing Dr. Melfi, but the next thing you know she receives a giant basket fulled with Dr. Hauschka bath products and a poorly-written apology letter, which she mocks in a session with Dr. Kupferberg.

It’s also revealed that Tony B.’s twin sons were conceived while he was imprisoned; Tony was the one who smuggled the sperm out for him and ex-wife Nancy.

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