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#57 (S5:Ep5)
Irregular Around The Margins
(original air date 4/04/2004)

Writer: Robin Green & Mitchell Burgess
Director: Allen Coulter

Guest Stars:
Jerry Adler – Hesh Rabkin
Hill Harper – Stokley Davenport, M.D.
Frank Vincent – Phil Leotardo
Rae Allen – Aunt Quintina Blundetto
Carl Capotorto – Little Paulie Germani
Lola Glaudini – Agent Deborah Ciccerone-Waldrup
Karen Young – Agent Robyn Sanseverino
Joseph R. Gannascoli – Vito Spatafore
Dan Grimaldi – Patsy Parisi
Robert Funaro – Eugene Pontecorvo
Max Casella – Benny Fazio
Frank Pellegrino – Bureau Chief Frank Cubitso
Frank Pando – Agent Frank Grasso
Will Janowitz – Finn DeTrolio
Joe Maruzzo – Joe Peeps
David Deblinger – Dr. Rene Katz
Joseph Costa – Fred Mosconi, M.D.
Christian Corp – Janet Petit, R.N.
Anthony J. Ribustello – Dante Greco
Duke Valenti – Corky DiGioia
William DeMeo – Jason Molinaro
Paul Paglia – Sicilian
Maureen Van Zandt – Gabriella Dante
Tony Siragusa – Frankie Cortese
Mia Troche – Bing Girl
Jamie Sorrentini – Mimi
The Chesterfield Kings

Music In This Episode: Visit HBO’s Official Site

Note: Steven Van Zandt’s garage-rock side project The Lost Boys is referenced in this episode

Tony’s spending a lot of time at the Crazy Horse and everyone from the FBI to his own daughter has noticed.

The stress of spying on Christopher is getting to Adriana, plus they want her permission to bug her club (they’ll do it anyway, but that would make things easier). She’s diagnosed with Irritable Bowl Syndrome and her doctor also prescribes Prozac. She shares her medical problem with Tony during a late night in her office and Tony counters with a secret of his own; he recently had a cancerous mole removed from his forehead. What’s not so secret is the sexual tension between them. He’s the father figure that was missing from her childhood and, well, she’s just plain hot. Chris goes out of town on business, and while snorting coke and playing darts there’s a moment when they almost kiss, but are interrupted by some of the guys knocking at the door.

Dr. Melfi allows Tony to return to therapy and again he apologizes. She’s more impressed with the milestone he has reached. As much as he wanted to act on his impulses with Adriana, he considered the consquences of committing “symbolic incest” and refrained. He can control his urges, and her parting advise to him is to “be worthy of respect.”

Another late evening at the club and Tony and Ade make the ill-fated decision to drive to Dover to score some more cocaine. After swerving to avoid a raccoon (later the story is altered and the critter becomes a deer) Tony totals his new Escalade, and walks away with hardly a scratch. Adriana isn’t so lucky; she’s pretty banged up, but the biggest blow to their reputations is the blowjob rumor that quickly circulates following the accident. Chris flips out when he hears it. He disrespects a higher-ranked Vito by throwing a sandwich at him, and then tosses Ade out of their apartment while declaring that he never wants to see her again. Then he breaks his sobriety, empties a clip into Tony’s Suburban and storms into the Bing waving the empty gun. You never draw on the Boss and Tony is prepared to kill him, until Tony B suggests getting the ER to explain that Ade’s injuries are consistent with someone who was sitting upright with their seatbelt fastened at the time of impact.

Adriana’s telling comment to Agent Robyn about the accident was if Chris had been found in the came circumstances, she would have killed him.

Tony desperately needs Camela’s help to end this whole matter, so everyone goes to dinner together at Vesuvio where all the guys can spot them and see that things have been settled.

In addition to trying to comprehend “Madame Bovary,” which was recommended during a private luncheon with Robert Wegler, Carmela has taken up drawing. Tony rudely grabs an apple from the still life she is sketching and once he realizes what he’s done he puts it back, after taking a bite out of it.

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