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#58 (S5:Ep6)
Sentimental Education
(original air date 4/11/2004)

Writer: Matthew Weiner
Director: Peter Bogdanovich

Guest Stars:
David Strathairn – Robert Wegler
Henry Yuk – Sungyon Kim
Paul Schultz – Father Phil Intintola
Alison Bartlett – Qwen MacIntyre
Joseph R. Gannascoli – Vito Spatafore
Dan Grimaldi – Patsy Parisi
Robert Funaro – Eugene Pontecorvo
Tom Aldredge – Hugh DeAngelis
Sharon Angela – Rosalie Aprile
Karl Bury – Tom Fiske
Liza Lapira – Amanda Kim
Arthur Nascarella – Carlo Gervasi
Mitchell Burgess – “Iowa” Burgess
Angelo Massagli – Bobby Baccalieri, Jr.
Miryam Coppersmith – Sophia Baccalieri
Dennis Aloia – Justin Blundetto
Kevin Aloia – Jason Blundetto
Danielle Di Vecchio – Barbara Giglione
Ed Vassallo – Tom Giglione
Fran Gennuso – Ms. Mary Bisacci
Michelle Huber – Attractive Woman
Angela Bullock – Clerk
Kimberly Norris-Guerrero – Dealer #1
Anthony Spina – Dealer #2
Suzy McCoppin – Waitress

Music In This Episode: Visit HBO’s Official Site

When Tony B.’s laundry truck is stolen off of his route the first thing Kim does is accuse him, but suddenly shifts the blame to his northside cousin and offers him an underused storefront for his massage therapy business once he earns his certification. Tony B. passes the test and has big plans for the space but it’ll take a lot of work. Then he and Gwen, the girlfriend he met on-line while in the slammer, find a bag containing drugs and $12,000 that just so happened to get tossed out of speeding car right in front of them. He says he’s gonna use the money to buy her a ring, and for the business. Instead he ends up spending it on fancy clothes, Cristal for the boys at the Bing and playing poker. It seems fairly obvious that Tony Soprano set the whole thing up to give him a taste of “the life” again and he falls for it hook, line and sinker. The stress of everything finally causes him to take a swing at his not-so-silent-and-definitely-not-helpful business partner, and after a knock-down drag-out fight he finally takes Tony up on his offer to run the airbag scam.

AJ and Tony aren’t cohabitating very peacefully; his son “doesn’t like it there” and after a fight over breakfast cereal AJ even says he’s going to kick Tony’s ass, something T actually seems pretty thrilled about. However, after AJ’s allegations of violence and abuse, Carmela allows her son to move back in with her but there are a number of ground rules that will be followed, including a focus on improving his school work. After the family meeting Tony claims they “played that right” even though he knows the decision was all Carmela’s.

Because of an incident involving plagerism and the fact that AJ doesn’t have a good enough GPA for college, Carm has to meet several times with his advisor, Robert Wegler. There’s an attraction between them and he asks her out to dinner. She tells Father Phil that she has met somebody, someone who reminds her of him and he immediately passes a hostile judgement and spouts retoric about the sanctity of marriage.

Carmela and Wegler close down the restaurant on their date and he presents her with a first edition copy of “Madame Bovary.” After a steamy kiss in the car they go back to his place. We get a tush shot of Carm leaving his bed. When she quietly slips back home she glances at a photo of Tony and AJ and then goes downstairs for the handgun and places it under the pillow on the bed. Is she afraid of what Tony would do if he found out? Carm’s still on cloud nine as she tells Rosalie about her date, but the next time she’s with him the guilt catches up to her and she leaves quickly. AJ’s education is still an issue also and Wegler speaks to one ot the teachers on his behalf. They have sex again and then things turn ugly. He says they should take a time-out and accuses her of “using her pussy as a weapon,” pretty raw language for such an intellectual. Was she manipulating him by asking for a college recommendation post-coitus? Carmela storms out with the warning, “You better watch your step,” and perhaps she finally realizes that because of Tony her motives will always be questionable.

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