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#59 (S5:Ep7)
In Camelot
(original air date 4/18/2004)

Writer: Terence Winter
Director: Steve Buscemi

Guest Stars:
Jerry Adler – Hesh Rabkin
Tim Daly – J.T. Dolan
Polly Bergan – Fran Felstein
Joseph Siravo – Johnny Boy Soprano
Richard Portnow- Harold “Mel” Melvoin
Frank Vincent – Phil Leotardo
Laurie J. Williams – Young Livia Soprano

Danny Petrillo – Teenage Tony Soprano
Rae Allen – Aunt Quintina Blundetto
Carl Capotorto – Little Paulie Germani
Leslie Bega – Valentina La Paz
Joseph R. Gannascoli – Vito Spatafore
Max Casella – Benny Fazio
Arthur Nascarella – Carlo Gervasi
Kevin Hagan – Chick Philips
Paul Schulze – Father Phil Intintola
Angelo Massagli – Bobby Baccalieri, Jr.
Miryam Coppersmith – Sophia Baccalieri
Danielle Di Vecchio – Barbara Giglione
Frank Santorelli – Georgie
Jeffrey M. Marchetti – Petey
Allen Enlow – Dr. Harry Winer
Charles Santy – Cesar
John Marinacci – Dealer
Anthony Spina – Relief Dealer
Artie Pasquale – Burt
Carolyn C. Buccino – Old Woman
Fred Caiaccia – Uncle Zio
Chris Caldovino – Billy Leotardo
Ralph Lucarelli – Cozzarelli
Joanna Bonaro – Hysterical Woman

Music In This Episode: Visit HBO’s Official Site

Aunt Concetta dies of a heart attack and Uncle Junior is thrilled to get five hours of “freedom” for her funeral. He doesn’t want to spend it being “maudlin” when Tony asks his to visit Johhny Boy’s grave and even refers to the wake as the after-party.

Tony meets Fran Felstein in the cemetery; turns out she was Johnny’s mistress and he’s quite curious about her. Junior knew her and claims he “suffered in silence” with his love for her; she claims he was practically a stalker. When they start spending time together he thinks she’s kind of classy, especially after finding out about her fling with John F. Kennedy. Then he discovers his father gave his dog Tippy to her son Bruce, who named him Freckles. Guess in a way that’s better than being gassed, which is what Janice thought happened to their pet. That stung, but not as much as finding out that Fran continued to smoke even after his father was diagnosed with emphysema. This, combined with her purchase of $600 shoes (instead of paying her rent and phone bill) makes him realize what a shallow and selfish woman she really is. Hmmm, rather like his own comares.

This also dredges up some old and unpleasant memories for Tony. In a flashback we find Livia in the hospital after a miscarriage, and a 16 year-old Tony lying to cover for his MIA father who had spent the previous night with Fran.

Hesh thinks Fran is a trollop (not to mention a little pale for his tastes) and when Johnny died he gave her $500, claiming it was was more than anyone did. When Tony finds out the racetrack that his father co-owned with him and Phil is being sold, he forces them to cough up a share for Fran. Phil begrudgingly owes 25% of the $150,000 and disrespects Tony when he tries to collect it. A car chase ensues, and Phil ends up crashing into a parked Boar’s Head delivery truck.

J.T., a TV writer who met Christopher in rehab, quickly racks up $57,000 of debt playing Texas Hold Em against Vito. He says he’s going to get a job working with Law & Order’s Dick Wolf, but gets a severe beating when he doesn’t make his first payment to Chris. He ends up trying to pawn his Emmy and signs his BMW over for $17,000 toward his debt before reentering rehab. All the while Chris claims he will not be an enabler.

Junior becomes obsessed with attending funerals and scours the obituaries for anyone he might have a connection to, including attending services for his dry cleaners’ son. When Uncle Zio passes a mere 15 days after his wife Concetta, he loses it and sobs and wails during the prayer. Father Phil’s speech on love and devotion seems to be directed at Carmela.

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