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Episode #40
For All Debts Public And Private
(original air date 9/15/2002)

Writer: David Chase
Director: Allen Coulter

Guest Stars:
Peter Riegert – Assemblyman Zellman
Tom Mason – Lt. Barry Haydu
Lola Glaudini – Agent Deborah Ciccerone (aka Danielle Ciccolella)
Marianne Leone – Joanne Moltisanti
Tony Lip – Carmine Lupertazzi
Joseph R. Gannascoli – Vito Spatafore
Arthur Nascarella – Carlo Gervasi
Frank Santorelli – Georgie
Val Bisoglio – Murf
Sharon Angela – Rosalie Aprile
Christine Pedi – Karen Baccalieri
Matthew Sussman – Dr. Douglas Schreck
Tom Aldredge – Hugh De Angelis
Susanne Shepherd – Mary De Angelis
Toni Kalem – Angie Bonpensiero
Gay Thomas-WIlson – Nurse
Richard Maldone – Albert Barese
George Loros – Raymond Curto
Will Arnett – Mike Waldrup
Tone Christensen – Miss Reykjavik
Angelo Massagli – Bobby Baccalieri, Jr.
Lexie Sperduto – Sophie Baccalieri
Matthew Unger – Matt De Blasi
William C. Garvey – Clerk
Paul Messina – News Anchor
Annika Pergament – News Reporter
Solje Bergman – Flight Attendant
Andrea Ciannavei – Waitress
James Derrick Lawrence – Prison Inmate

Music In This Episode (thanks to all the fans on the HBO Boards who help identify the songs):
Time Zone (featuring Afrika Bambaataa and John Lydon of the Sex Pistols) – “World Destruction” (opening and closing scenes) Click Here for Lyrics
Chicago – “Saturday In The Park” (when Carmela sees Angie in the supermarket)
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – “Do You Want To Get Heavy” (Tony in hotel room)
Labelle – “Lady Marmalade” (sung badly by Lt. Barry Haydu as he get out of his car)
Dean Martin & Ricky Nelson – “My Rifle, My Pony and Me” (in the film “Rio Bravo” while Tony and Carmela talk)
Percy Faith and Orchestra – “Summer Place” (Tony and Bacala in diner)

The Sopranos fourth season finds Tony mean, paranoid and depressed, the latter of which he even admits to Dr. Melfi. He’s also hoping the ducks will come back, but luring them with tons of cracked corn doesn’t seem to be working. He does know that he doesn’t want to end up in the same kind of legal trouble that Uncle Junior is in, therefore Christopher is destined to become his right hand man.

Meanwhile, Christopher doesn’t realize what is going on, and thinks that driving Tony around again is a step down. He claims Tony can depend on him 100%… while he shoots up. The heroin is making him cranky and he’s also irritated by Cosette, Adriana’s yappy “pocket rat”, and her omni-present new best friend, Danielle Ciccolella (aka FBI Agent Deborah Ciccerone). Then Tony points out a recently retired Clifton police lieutenant, and informs Chris that this is the man who killed his father. Chris manages to prove he’s a good soldier because as Lt. Barry Haydu claims he’s being set up and begs for his life, Chris simply replies that it “doesn’t matter, he wants you dead” and pulls the trigger. Exactly the response Tony was hoping for. The next morning Chris surprises his mother, who finds him sitting in her kitchen staring at a photo of his father. After asking her to make him a Fluffernutter, he hangs the sole $20 bill from Haydu’s wallet on her refrigerator amidst the other mementos.

Rosalie Aprile is floating though life in a haze of prescription medication, and barely seems to notice that Janice is all over Ralphie during her own birthday dinner. Things heat up further when Janice and Ralph snort some lines and get nasty in the Sopranos bathroom. While Hugh bores Tony with a story of his military service, Adriana drops by with Danielle is tow. Tony’s interest is obviously piqued, as it also was by the nurse in Dr. Schreck’s office. The same nurse that Junior flirted with, and who is now presumed to be the undercover FBI agent that will be testifying at his upcoming trial. In a self-serving effort to help his uncle out of his financial bind, Tony offers to take an old garage on Frelinghysen Avenue off his hands for $100,000. Of course with the Esplanade development it will soon be worth much more than that.

Murf (anyone else think he resembles Floyd, the barber from The Andy Griffith Show?) isn’t effectively running Junior’s business, so he decides it’s time to bump up Bobby. Bacala tells Tony he’s happy with the promotion, but it “should have happened sooner” before launching into the best exchange from this episode with “Quasimodo predicted all this” by confusing the Hunchback of Notre Dame with Nostradamus in reference to the World Trade Center disaster.

Carmela spots Angie Bonpensiero doling out Kielbasa samples in the supermarket and worries that she could end up in a similar situation. She wants to know how Tony has planned for the family’s future, details he isn’t willing to share.

Stuck in the slammer on a gun charge, Paulie calls the very aloof Johnny Sack and off-handedly mentions Tony’s not doing anything to help him out. And obviously Johnny’s been talking about Tony to the New York boss, Carmine, who offers Tony this advice, “A Don doesn’t wear shorts”.

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