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Episode #44
(original air date 10/13/2002)

Writer: Robin Green and Mitchell Burgess
Director: Henry J. Bronchtein

Guest Stars:
Jerry Adler – Hesh Rabkin
Richard Portnow – Attorney Melvoin
Matthew Del Negro – Brian Cammarata
Robert Funaro – Eugene Pontecorvo
Denise Borino – Ginny Sack
Manon Halliburton – Lois Pettit
Lola Glaudini – Agent Deborah Ciccerone
Karen Young – Agent Robyn Sanserverino
Matt Servitto – Agent Dwight Harris
Dan Grimaldi – Patsy Parisi
Joseph R. Gannascoli – Vito Spatafore
Arthur Nascarella – Carlo Gervasi
Stewart J. Zully – Alan Ginsberg
Ben Lipitz – Don Rictora, Jr.
Val Bisoglio – Murf
Santo Fazio – Teddy Genaretti
Sabrina Gennarino – Nina
Angelo Massagli – Bobby Baccalieri, Jr.
Lexie Sperduto – Sophie Baccalieri
Michele Santopietro – JoJo Palmice
Tony Darrow – Larry Barese
David Pittu – Norman
Annika Pergament – News Anchor
Sharon Elizabeth Avendano – Desk Girl
Dan Castleman – Prosecutor
Randy Barbee – Judge Whitney R. Runions
Bruce MacVittle – Danny Scalercio
Joe Pucillo – Beppy Scerbo
Julie Ross – Court Clerk
Rosa Nino – Inez Munoz
Aaron Gryder – Jockey
Bruce Barney – Veterinarian
John E. Kelly – Photographer
David Copeland – Joey Cogo
Joe Napoleone – Bartender
Christopher O’Hara – Band Member #1
Danny Roselle – Band Member #2
James Farrell – Band Member #3
Walter J. Lockhart – Band Member #4

Music In This Episode (thanks to all the fans on the HBO Boards who help identify the songs):
No Soap Radio – “All About You” (live in the Crazy Horse)
Snake River Conspiracy – “Love Song” originally by The Cure (in the club, when Vito breaks the chair)
Mountain – “Theme For An Imaginary Western” (faintly heard when Bobby Bacala enters the bar to talk to the union steward)
Dean Martin & Ricky Nelson – “My Rifle, My Pony And Me” from the film “Rio Bravo” (Tony in stables)

The FBI has completely unnerved Adriana. They are following her and keep pulling her in to try and get some information. She’s totally bitchy to “Danielle” and yet seems sad to learn that she’s been taken off the case. However, Agent Ciccerone gets the last word when she wishes Ade luck with the ‘little creatures”, a back-handed comment about her possible inability to have children. The agents plant seeds of doubt and worry regarding Christopher and also shatter her illusion that people like her Uncle Richie are living happily-ever-after in the Witness Protection Program.
To make matters worse, the crew thinks the club is a safe haven, so they are meeting there all the time. Vito even helpfully suggests she play Skynyrd, before going into her office and accidentally snapping her desk chair like a toothpick. She’s chain smoking and watching infomercials, and even dares suggest she and Christopher move to California. Finally she deals with the stress like Chris does, she shoots some smack.

Carmela gets a stock tip and wants to invest $10,000 into it, but Tony has other plans for the cash, he’s headed to the race track. Ralph complains that as soon as he bought his race horse from Hesh she stopped finishing in the money. Tony offers some race strategy, and Ralph warns the trainer to make sure the jockey stays on the whip, which gives Hesh one of the best follow-up lines in this episode, “If only his mother had taken that advice.” Turns out Pie-O-My does win, and Tony is rooting for her like she was his child competing in afterschool athletics. Ralph gives Tony a kick of his $40,000 take, but isn’t so pleased when she wins again and Tony silently demands a bigger cut that he was willing to part with. When T starts to refer to her as “our” horse Ralph’s act of revenge is to make Tony go down and pay the vet when Pie-O-My gets sick.

Uncle Junior is being his usual surly self, and cheap too, he swipes quarters for parking from the pocket of Murf’s jacket. Meanwhile, Janice has her sights set on Bobby and she’s not going to let things such as his emotional attachment to a pan of Karen’s frozen ziti get in her way. Did you catch the way she swung that frying pan like she wanted to bash JoJo’s face in?! She’s become his surrogate wife; picking up the kids from school, fixing dinner and even giving him a pep talk about taking care of business. Uuncle Junior tries to warn him, but Bobb is completely bamboozled in his state of sorrow. But the best part had to be Uncle Junior donning a Mr. Roger’s cardigan and proclaiming “It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhoood…”

Tony signed the financial papers for Carmela, but refuses to set up the life insurance trust. She’s so mad she’s not speaking to him. He sends her bunches of flowers and even offers her the money for the stock, but it’s too late. I think he finds comfort being in the stable on that rainy night. It’s better than being at home, and perhaps the horse brings him a step closer to becoming his ideal American, Gary Cooper.

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