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Episode #48
Whoever Did This
(original air date 11/10/2002)

Writer: Robin Green & Mitchell Burgess
Director: Tim Van Patten

Guest Stars:
Richard Portnow – Attorney Melvoin
Robert Funaro – Eugene Pontecorvo
Sharon Angela – Rosalie Aprile
Leslie Bega – Valentina la Paz
Paul Schultze – Father Phil Intintola
Marissa Matron – Ronnie Capozza
Richard D’Alessandro – Dennis Capozza
Alla Kliouka – Svetlana Kirilenka
Frances Esemplare – Nucci Gualtieri
Elena Solovey – Branca Libinsk
Manon Halliburton – Lois Pettit
Matt Servitto – Agent Dwight Harris
Brian Smyj – Agent Smyj
Joe Pucillo – Beppy Scerbo
Joseph R. Gannascoli – Vito Spatafore
Rosa Nino – Inez Munoz
Dane Curley – Justin Cifaretto
Samuel Allen – Shane Petrzelka
Murielle Arden – Elodi Colbert
Susan Jhun – Allison Pak
Rob Leo Roy – Print Newsman
Frankie Dale – Newspaper Reporter
Frank Pando – Agent Frank Grasso
Maria Elena Ramirez – Neighbor
Bruce Kirkpatrick – Policeman #1
Gene Gabriel – Policeman #2
Ellen Orchid – Dr. Sharon Zalutsky
Tim Kang – Dr. Harrison Wong
Ava Maria Carnevale – Donna Dechristafaro
Debargo Sanyal – Orderly
Tony Darrow – Larry Barese
Randy Barbee – Judge Whitney R. Runions
Dan Castleman – Prosecutor
Bruce MacVittie – Danny Scalercio
Julie Ross – Court Clerk

Ralphie's BaddaBing Bowling Bag

Music In This Episode (thanks to all the fans on the HBO Boards who help identify the songs):
Harvey and the Moonglows – “Sincerely” (Carm & Rosalie at Nuovio Vesuvio)
Leo Sayer – “When I Need You” (Ralphie in the tub)
Apollo Four Forty – “Man With The Harmonica” (closing credits)

Holy shit!! What an episode!
Ralph decides it had to be Paulie who told Johnny Sack about his joke, so to get revenge he places a prank call to Paulie’s mother. He pretends to be a police officer and upsets her greatly by stating that her son was found performing sex acts involving a gerbil and a boy scout. Shortly after this happens Justin (Ralph’s son that we haven’t seen before) is accidently shot with an arrow (hmmm, reminiscent of the Native American incident perhaps?) and things look pretty bad for the poor kid. Rosalie even shows up at the hospital to comfort him and he realizes how unsympathetic he was when Jackie Jr. was murdered. Ralph has a lot of guilt about the whole incident and tries to make things right with God. He talks to Father Phil and starts a scholarship at Rutgers in Jackie’s name. He even asks Rosalie to marry him, but she says no.

Tony proudly introduces Carmela to Pie-O-My, the one creature he truly seems to care about. He has a hard time showing affection to his family, but after Justin gets hurt he tries, not too successfully, but he made the effort. Tony also tells Ralph he is seeing Valentina, but Ralph is so worried about his kid it doesn’t seem to register, or does it? He refers to someone as a “miserable twat” but was he speaking of Valentina, his ex-wife or even Pie-O-My? Leaving the Bing he hugs Chris and Silvio, but ignores Paulie, who wants to wack him for the incident with his mother. Tony puts his foot down and says no, which leads to the biggest shock of the season.

After finding out that Pie was burned in a stable fire and had to be put down, Tony heads to Ralph’s house to tell him. Instead of being as saddened as he is, Ralph is happy that Justin’s condition is improving, and then comments that while it’s tragic it was just an animal. Tony thinks about the insurance policy on the horse and the fact that the fire looked accidental and wonders out loud if Ralph didn’t have something to do with it. He denies it, and calls it a blessing in disguise since Pie was always sick. A brutal, horrible fight ensues. Cooking utensils fly, Tony gets Raid sprayed in his eyes, but, as he says something about that “beautiful, innocent creature,” he pounds Ralph’s head on the floor (much like Ralph did to Tracee, which was the last time Tony lost his cool and hit him) and finally chokes the life out of him.

Chris has just shot up when Tony calls, and falls asleep for half an hour before coming over to clean up the mess. Tony claims to have found Ralph in this condition, but even through his druggy haze Chris is not buying the story. Tony notices he’s acting weird and eventually Chris cops to doing some heroin, to which Tony replies he’s done drugs too and then warns him not to throw his life away. They dump the body, (which is no longer referred to by name, probably to distance themselves from the heinous thing they did), and then proceed to bury Ralph’s head and hands in a bowling bag. Back at the Bing they clean up and once again Chris seems to question Tony’s decision to make Ralph “disappear.” He thinks the other guys may worry it could happen to them, but Tony reminds him that he’s the only other person who knows what really occurred.

Leaving court, Uncle Junior gets knocked down the steps by a wayward boom mike and ends up in the hospital. He appears a bit disoriented and is milking for all it’s worth when Tony realizes they could get a mistrial if Junior suffers from reduced mental capacity. They decide to fake it since their only other plan is to take out a juror. Svetlana shows up with the in-home care nurse and shuns Janice who tries to appologize for stealing her leg. With some practice Junior puts on a great act for the Feds, but when he goes to get the morning paper and ends up at the neighbor’s asking for ice cream you have to wonder is he crazy like a fox or really having problems.

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