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Episode #49
The Strong, Silent Type
(original air date 11/17/2002)

Writer: Terence Winter, Robin Green & Mitchell Burgess
Director: Alan Taylor

Guest Stars:
Elias Koteas – Dominic Palladino
Alla Kliouka – Svetlana Kirilenko
Sharon Angela – Rosalie Aprile
Leslie Bega – Valentina la Paz
Carl Capotorto – Little Paulie Germani
Karne Young – Agent Robyn Sanserverino
Marissa Matron – Ronnie Capozza
Maureen Van Zandt – Gabriella Dante
Richard Maldone – Albert Barese
Max Casella – Benny Fazio
Dan Grimaldi – Patsy Parisi
Joseph R. Gannascoli – Vito Spatafore
Arthur Nascarella – Carlo Gervasi
Frank Santorelli – Georgie
Tom Aldredge – Hugh De Angelis
Suzanne Sheperd – Mary De Angelis
Marianne Leone – Joanne Moltisanti
Elena Solovey – Branca Libinsk
Daniel London – Eddie
Gurdeep Singh – Prabhat
Dane Curley – Justin Cifaretto
Cristina Ablaza – Doctor
Heather MacRae – Administrator
Sidney Williams – Brad Miller
Carlos Pizarro – Drug Dealer
Herman Chaves – Street Punk
Burhan K Uddin – Cabby

Music In This Episode (thanks to all the fans on the HBO Boards who help identify the songs):
The Cranberries – “Analyse” (Adriana in car with FBI Agent)

Chris brings a UPS package into the Bada Bing, and it ends up being the painting Tony commissioned of him and Pie-O-My. After angrily storming out, Tony calls Silvio and orders him to burn it. Paulie thinks this is a waste and tells the boys to put it in his car. He takes it home and proudly hangs it above his fireplace. Then he takes it to an artist and asks if they can change the way the guy looks. However, the new war general suit doesn’t mask that, in theory, Tony is still looking over his shoulder.

Carmela primps before opening the door, and is visibly disappointed to see Benny standing there instead of Furio. She also cut her hair and when she asks Tony his opinion of the new style, all he says is that she was supposed to talk to him first before doing it. When he does finally return from Italy Furio drops of presents, for Meadow and AJ, but nothing for Carmela. Well, there is that promise of homemade wine. He also refuses to come in the house, and Tony catches him wiping a tear from his eye when he comes outside. Furio claims he’s sad for his father, but I think we know better than that. Tony unsympathetically tells him to get over it, but the next thing we see is him tearfully telling Dr. Melfi about the arrival of the horse painting and how he always has to put up a brave front. Turns out Carmela has been telling a different story, that her husband is volatile and binge eating. He’s also self-medicating, temporarily increasing his dosage of Prozac to 80 mg, something Melfi disapproves of.

The crew is worried about Ralph’s absence and even speculate that Tony took him out. If it’s true, it would become Silvio’s job to deal with Tony. Things change when Johhny Sack demands his cut of the HUD scam, giving Tony the opportunity to pin Ralph’s disappearance on New York.

Christopher is high (again) when he accidentally sits on Adriana’s precious pooch, Cosette. He doesn’t even notice until she come home and wigs out. Later he is busy trying to score more heroin, leaving Silvio and Paulie waiting in the rain for him. Things go awry with the deal and he ends up getting carjacked, robbed and beaten. It’s the last straw for Ade. She hands him a rehab center brochure and he backhands her in return. Not knowing what to do, she goes to Tony and Carmela, and they decide to schedule an intervention. The “non-judgemental confrontation” turns out to be anything but, and results in a trip to the Emergency Room. Chris’ skull fracture is cleverly blamed on him slipping off the kitchen counter while wearing socks and spraying for ants. Then after a heart-to-heart with Tony, where he realizes he just avoided a bullet in the head, he is checked into a clinic in Pennsylvania.

Carmela drags AJ along to Furio’s to discuss some “decorating ideas” but instead they talk about how he doesn’t belong in Naples any more, and that he couldn’t communicate with Jessica, like he can with some people. Carm then lunches with Rosalie (who had cheated on her husband and mob boss, Jackie) and is informed that it’s not “really real” and she better stay away from him.

No one seems to enjoy the wine, except Furio. Svetlana adds ice to her glass, and Uncle Junior says it reminds him of feet. Tony bitches about it, but gulps it down without a thought. Not getting the comfort he needs from the self-obsessed Valentina, Tony ends up in the arms of Svetlana. She enjoyed the sex, but proceeds to tell him she doesn’t want to be there to “prop him up.”

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