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Episode #50
Calling All Cars
(original air date 11/24/2002)

Writer: David Chase, Robin Green and Mitchell Burgess, and Terence Winter
Director: Tim Van Patten

Guest Stars:
Ray Abruzzo – Little Carmine Lupertazzi
Peter Bogdanovich – Dr. Elliot Kupferberg
Annabella Sciorra – Gloria Trillo
Richard Portnow – Attorney Melvoin
Robert Funaro – Eugene Pontecorvo
Tony Lip – Carmine Lupertazzi
Paul Herman – Beansie Gaeta
Joseph R. Gannascoli – Vito Spatafore
Jessica Dunphy – Devin Pillsbury
Angelo Massagli – Bobby Baccalieri, Jr.
Lexie Sperduto – Sophia Baccalieri
Alla Kliouka – Svetlana Kirilenko
Elena Solovey – Branca Libinsk
Tom Aldredge – Hugh De Angelis
Suzanne Shepherd – Mary De Angelis
Cyrstal Allen – Lisa
Joe Maruzzo – Joe Peeps
George Spaventa – V. I. Trifunovitch
Kevin Interdonato – Dogsy
Steve Santosusso – Anthony
Tony Darrow – Larry Barese
Randy Barbee – Judge Whitney R. Runions
Dan Castleman – Prosecutor
Joe Pucillo – Beppy Scerbo
Julie Ross – Court Clerk

Music In This Episode (thanks to all the fans on the HBO Boards who help identify the songs):
Smokey Robinson – “Tears Of A Clown” (car dream sequence)
Coldplay – “Clocks” (AJ’s room)
Bob Marley – “I Shot The Sheriff”
Concrete Blonde – “Roxy” (Janice smoking/on phone)
Jerry Vale – “???” (sitdown with Carmine and Johnny Sack)
Beach Boys – “Surfin’ USA” (closing credits)

Still hung up on Pie-O-My, Tony sends Svetlana the same diamond horseshoe pin he gave to Valentina, then tells Dr. Melfi it’s the gift he gives girls when he’s calling it quits. Finally he admits that’s a lie, he didn’t break her heart, actually she dumped him, and he’s still not sure what to make of it since it’s probably never happened to him before. Tony’s also having weird dreams again, but doesn’t want to take the time to figure out what they mean. The simplest explanation seems to be that he is having control issues. As a matter of fact, he’s impatient about a lot of things, including the progress of his therapy, so he quits, which stuns and worries Melfi.

During a softball game, Bacala’s daughter Sophia spies a cake in the car, turns out Bobby’s been visiting Karen’s grave everyday, and he buried it at the graveside for what would have been their 14th Anniversary. Janice is still around taking care of the kids, but she confesses to Carmela that thier relationship is still at the platonic level and she’s impatiently waiting for more than that. She finally confronts Bobby about his inability to get her go, and they argue. After AJ freaks out Bobby, Jr. and Sophia during a fake seance she spots her opportunity to manipulate the situation to her advantage. She sends Bobby, Jr. an anynomous computer instant message directing him to the Ouija board stashed in the closet. Then she rushs to Bacala’s side when the kids scare themselves again. And she finally gets him to eat Karen’s last batch of ziti.

The court has decided they are unmoved by Mr. Corrado Soprano’s performance during his competency hearing, so the trial will move forward after all. But I think even Tony is wondering about his uncle’s mental capacity seeing as he forgot to wash off his face after shaving.

New York has demanded a 40% cut of the HUD scam, and they want in on the operation as well. Tony counters with a lowball 5.5%, so Johnny’s crew goes and roughs up the appraiser to prove their point. Carmine refuses to negotiate, so Tony turns to Beansie to set up a meeting with the hopefully more receptive and rational Little Carmine, down in Florida.

Johnny Sack confides in Paulie that “there could be a change” and again mentions that Carmine won’t forget him. Meanwhile, both Silvio and Tony have started to realize that maybe, just maybe, Paulie is the one who’s been doing all the talking and causing the trouble.

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