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Episode #52
(original air date 12/8/2002)

Writer: Robin Green & Mitchell Burgess and David Chase
Director: John Patterson

Guest Stars:
Bruce Altman – Alan Sapinsly
Richard Portnow – Attorney Melvoin
Carl Capotorto – Little Paulie Germani
Liz Larsen – Trish Reingold-Sapinsly
Cynthia Darlow – Virginia Lupo
Bruce Mac Vittie – Danny Scalercio
Dan Grimaldi – Patsy Parisi
Tony Lip – Carmine Lupertazzi
Max Casella – Benny Fazio
Karen Young – Agent Robyn Sanseverino
Alla Kliouka – Svetlana Kirilenka
Oksana Lada – Irina Peltsin
Ton Aldredge – Hugh DeAngelis
Denise Borino – Ginny Sack
Curtis Cook – Credenzo Curtis
Universal – Stanley Johnson
Matt Servitto – Agent Dwight Harris
Frank Pando – Agent Frank Grasso
Tony Darrow – Larry Barese
Randy Barbee – Judge Whitney R. Runions
Dan Castleman – Prosecutor
Humberto J. Gettys – Marshal
Robert Lupone – Dr. Bruce Cusamano
Will Janowitz – Finn Detrolio
Joe Pucillo – Beppy Scerbo
Jeffrey M. Marchetti – Petey
Judith Anderson – Betty Berman
Diane Brownstone – Woman Friend
Meanuel Loarca – Delivery Guy
Rosemarie Hue – Prosecuting Attorney
Julie Ross – Court Clerk

Music In This Episode (thanks to all the fans on the HBO Boards who help identify the songs):
Derick And The Dominoes – “Layla” (Tony’s car stereo)
Little Steven – “Camouflage of Righteousness” (Bada Bing)
The Dells – “Oh What a Night” (Tony at Vesuvio)
Sonny and Cher – “I Got You, Babe” – (Bacala and Janice dancing and singing)
Dean Martin – “Drink to Me Only, Medley” (on the Stugots and in credits)
Royal Philharmonic?? – “I Have Dreamed!” (end credits)

Carmela looks like crap so Tony takes her to the doctor, where lupus is ruled out, but she may have mono. She seems to perk up though when Tony shows her the beach house named Whitecaps that he wants purchase in Sea Bright. Only problem is there’s already another buyer. However when Tony offers cash (and a 15 day escrow) the owner, Alan Sapinsly, jumps at his offer.

Carm’s bubble of happiness bursts when Irina calls and drunkenly announces that she used to fuck her husband and tells her about Tony and Svetlana too. She is angrily tossing his possessions out the bedroom window when he comes home, but she’s finally taken a stand against him and there’s no changing her mind as she orders him to “get out!”

Svetlana tells Tony that Irina did it because Zellman couldn’t perform after the “incident” then he and Irina broke up. When caregiver Branca got upset about FICA and witholding taxes, she added fuel to the fire by telling Irina about them. Tony goes to Whitecaps and sleeps on the floor only to be woken by the owner the next morning. Tony decides it’s not the time to buy a house, but Sapinsly refuses to give back his $200,000 deposit, so Tony decided to make his life miserable by having some of his crew anchor the Stugots and blast Dean Martin performances night and day. He also moves into the pool house/media room, before he gives up and leaves for The Plaza, when he and Carm used to spend their anniversaries. Meadow is devastated and AJ is hoping that there’s a chance they’ll get back together, but I doubt it. Tony even calls Dr. Melfi, but hangs up without saying anything. Turns out they both wanted and needed someone to talk to, but yet felt they couldn’t talk to each other.

Chris gets out of rehab and seems better than every, much to Tony’s relief. Meanwhile, Johnny Sack is hurting from The Esplanade shut down and when Ginny informs him that she’s going to the Nordstrom sale to buy clothes for their trip to Italy he replies that the trip may be canceled. He still wants Tony to take out Carmine, so Chris sets it up to look like a carjacking. Then suddenly the old guy decides to settle. He even agrees to Tony’s 15% counter offer. With business as usual you’d think the hit would be called off, but John says no. Tony agrees, but later changes his mind which puts Johnny in a snit. The way he glared at Tony as he drove away… there definitely should be some fireworks next season.

Paulie’s still trying to cover up his alliance with Johnny Sack and amazingly the jury on Uncle Junior’s “trial of a lifetime” is hopelessly deadlocked, so he finally ends up with a mistrial. Bobby and Janice are pretty cozy back at Junior’s place, but of course he can’t seem to stand anyone being happy, so he has to order poor Bacala around. Even though he should just be glad he’s not headed off to prison.

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