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#53 (S5:Ep1)
Two Tonys
(original air date 3/8/2004)

Writer: David Chase and Terence Winter
Director: Tim Van Patten

Guest Stars:
Robert Loggia – Feech La Manna
Peter Bogdanovich – Elliot Kupferberg
Ray Abruzzo – Little Carmine Lupertazzi
Joe Santos – Angelo Garepe
Leslie Bega – Valentina la Paz
Carl Capotorto – Little Paulie Germani
Robert John Burke – Officer Zmuida
Frank Vincent – Phil Leotardo
Joseph R. Gannascoli – Vito Spatafore
Dan Grimaldi – Patsy Parisi
Max Casella – Benny Fazio
George Loros – Raymond Curto
Arthur Nascarella – Carlo Gervasi
Tony Lip – Carmine Lupertazzi
Omar Rodriguez – Raoul
John Elsen – Officer Yorn
Sukanya Krishnan – Reporter
Matthew Weiner – Manny Safier
Miryam Coppersmith – Sophia Baccalieri
Denise Borino – Ginny Sacrimoni
Allison Dunbar – Nicole Lupertazzi
Jeffrey M Marchetti – Petey
Maria Baan – Fran
Lisa Regina – Kim
Barbara Christabella – Patti
Anna Maniscalco – Bernice
Bill Quigley – Waiter
Laurie Rosenwald – Woman
Ginger Kearns – Pierced Girl
Jason Ongoco – Delivery Guy

Music In This Episode:
Emmylou Harris – “Heaven Only Knows” (opening and closing credits)
Thierry “Titi” Robin – “Bichu Rap” (Meadow in car)
Jimmy Fontana – “La Mia Serenata”
Jet – “Take It Or Leave It”
Freda Payne – “Band Of Gold” (Atlantic City skyline)
Marvin Gaye – “Let’s Get It On” (Dinner with the $1184 tab)

Episode Notes: Sophia Baccalieri was portrayed by Lexie Sperduto in previous episodes

The fifth season opens with a shot of the neglected backyard of the Sopranos home. It’s quite obvious that Tony and Carmela are still separated, but they seem to be getting along most of the time. However Carm does throw in his face that she’s aware he’s made threats agains Furio’s life.

Meanwhile, Janice and Bobby have gotten married, and Janice is attempting to revive the Sunday night dinner tradition. While Tony and Bobby watch TV it’s revealed why there are so many new characters this season. A bunch of mobsters have completed their sentences and are about to be released from prison.

The surly AJ playing his new $5,000 drum kit is nicely contrasted with him weeping and calling “Mommy” when he encounters a bear in the yard. Tony worries about them being alone in this situation and has Benny and the scaredy-cat Little Paulie take shifts at the house, armed with an AK-47.

There’s still a lot of tension between Christopher and Paulie, and some of it comes out during a rehashing of the escapade with the Russian. Chris resents being the low-man who always has to pick up the dinner check and sticks Paulie with the bill one night. Paulie retaliates by telling Tony about it and encouraging everyone to order lots of extras at the next dinner. Chris can barely cover the hefty tab and the foolhardy waiter calls him on the $16 tip in the restaurant parking lot. Next thing you know Chris pops him in the skull with a brick and Paulie finishes him off with a shot to the chest. After this the tow decide to “bury the hatchet” and split the tabs in the future.

Feech is one of the first to be released from prison, but Tony seems most excited about getting to see his cousin Tony Blundetto again after 20 years. Carmine has a stroke and ends up on a respirator, and Johhny Sac takes this opportunity to remind Tony that he’s disappointed their “deal” to take Carmine out wasn’t completed.

Tony is still dating Valentina and ends up watching “The Prince Of Tides.” Seeing how it mirrors his own experiences in therapy, he decides to court Dr. Melfi. She rejects him but secretly fantasizes about them being together. He explodes with rage at the rejection, and ends up back at the house with Carmela where he does one of the things he is good at… protecting what is his by claiming the nightly bear-watch shift.

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