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Episode #3
Denial, Anger, Acceptance
(original air date 1/24/1999)
Episode #3 Closed Captions Transcript
Episode #3
Screen Captures


Visiting Jackie



Meadow and Christopher




Big trouble for Christopher

Meadow's music recital

Writer: Mark Saraceni
Director: Nick Gomez
Guest Stars:
Michael Rispoli – Jackie Aprile
Jerry Adler – Hesh Rabkin
John Ventimiglia – Artie Bucco
Katherine Narducci – Charmaine Bucco
Al Sapienza – Mikey Palmice
Anthony DeSando – Brendan Filone
Drea de Matteo – Adriana
Sharon Angela – Rosalie Aprile
Oksana Babiy – Irina
Michele de Cesare – Hunter Scangarelo
Sig Libowitz – Hillel
Sasha Nesterov – Russian Man
Bernadette Penotti – Nurse
Slava Schoot – Russian Man
Angelica Torn – Woman At Party
Joseph Tudisco – Trucker
Jennifer Wiltsie – Miss Marris

03-35-cmAfter their big screw up, Christopher and Brendan return the Comley truck, but they also continue to get as high as kites. As for the truck, it was missing some merchandise, but the owner was happy as a clam just to get it back. He even went so far as to thank Tony, which grates on Uncle Junior’s nerves even more. His right hand guy, Mikey P., suggests it might be time to send a message. Brendan and Christopher aren’t the only ones on drugs, however, Meadow and Hunter are trying to score some speed so they can stay awake to study for their SATs. At first Christopher turns Meadow’s request down flat, but something Adriana says makes him reconsider. It’s better the girls get some safe drugs (is there really any such thing?) from him, rather than God-knows-what off the streets, but he also knows if Tony ever finds out about it then he’s a dead man. Meadow expresses how much she wants to get away from Carmela and Tony, but she has to stay on top of her grades and extra activities in order to make that a reality.

Creepy PaintingMeanwhile, Tony accuses Dr. Melfi of having a special trick painting in her waiting room, when it is really his current state of mind that is causing him to interpret the simple landscape of a tree and barn as spooky and depressing. The current boss and Tony’s close friend, Jackie Aprile, is hospitalized with cancer and things don’t look good at all. Whether Tony realizes it or not, it is weighing heavily on his mind and he is consumed with anger over the unfairness of it all. Death, he says, is OK if it is for a reason, but with Jackie it’s something you can’t do anything about.

HassidsSilvio sets up a meeting between Tony and Mr. Teittleman, a Hassic Jew who wants to get a divorce for his daughter. Tony agrees to help with this matter, in exchange for a 25% share of the hotel. Silvio and Paulie pay Ariel a visit, but he doesn’t want to listen to them. So they throw him in the trunk of a car and take him to Satriale’s for further negotiatiations. Tony threatens to cut his dick off, so he finally agrees to the divorce. Teittleman, however, tries to reneg on the deal. He wants to pay them off, so that he doesn’t have to become partners with the mob, but Tony didn’t get to where he is by accepting compromises.

03-48-cbThe Buccos have hit some rough times and are being subjected to a second arson investigation. To help them out, Carmela hires them to cater her Pediatric Hospital Fundraiser. Everything is fine until Carmela treats her old friend Charmaine just like she treats her maid. Charmaine lashes out and tells her that she slept with Tony, a very long time ago.

03-82-bfTo teach Christopher a lesson, Uncle Junior has some Russian gangsters drag him out to the Meadowlands for a mock execution. Poor Brendan isn’t so lucky, since Livia didn’t put in a good word for him (Christopher put up her storm windows once) Mikey P. kills him while Uncle Junior stands by.

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