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Episode #5
(original air date 2/7/1999)
Episode #5 Closed Captions Transcript

Writers: Jim Manos, Jr., David Chase
Director: Allen Coulter

Guest Stars:
Paul Schulze – Father Phil
Tony Ray Ross – Fred Peters (aka Fabio Patchullio)
Oksana Babiy – Irina
Lisa Arning – Peters’ Wife
Ross Gibby – Bartender
Mark Kamine – Admissions Dean
Michael Maneta – Gas Station Attendant
Keith Nobbs – Bowdoin Student
Luke Reilly – Lon Le Doyenne
Sarah Thompson – Lucienda
Olivia Brynn Zaro – Peters’ Daughter

Tony and Meadow are visiting the Bates campus, the start of their journey though Maine. Having this opportunity to speak candidly with her dad, Meadow asks him why he didn’t further his education. He mentions that he did have a semester and a half at Seaton Hall, but his parents didn’t stress education. In the car, she bluntly asks if he’s involved in organized crime, and she’s not buying his vehement denials. Finally, he just admits it. Carmela’s home sick in bed, but while Tony is on the phone with her, he spots someone at the gas station. The guy seems to have spotted Tony too and speeds away, with Tony’s rental car in hot pursuit. Later, while Meadow is in her motel room, Tony calls Christopher to tell him he thinks he just saw Fabio Patchullio, a well-known rat who was kicked out of the Witness Protection Program. Chris thinks this opportunity could get him made, so he volunteers to take care of it, but Tony has to be sure it’s the right guy.

Over dinner Tony tells Meadow how proud he is of her, and asks how she feels knowing the truth. She says she was pretty certain before and that AJ might know also. Since they are being honest with each other, she also admits to having done speed. Tony gets understandably upset, but is still glad she told him. Meadow meets two girls from Colby College, so Tony leaves her with them at the bar, but warns her not to drink. This gives him the opportunity to call Christopher back. He learns the license plate belongs to a Fred Peters of Waterville, Maine. Tony creeps up on Fred’s house, but a barking dog runs him off. Fred is worried by the commotion and drives around town asking if anyone has been looking for him. Tony does some research with the phone book, lucky for Peter of Peter’s Hardware that he paid for a Yellow Pages ad with his big head in it, eliminating him from Tony’s quest, but there is an ad for Peters’ Travel, specializing in Italian Holidays. When Tony peers in the window Fred’s fate is sealed, the ugly bust of Ronald Reagan is a dead giveaway.

Tony guides his stumbling, drunken daughter to her room, while Fred waits in the motel parking lot, armed with a handgun. He is ready to shoot, but is interrupted by some other guests. The next morning Fred fails in his attempt to hire a local thug to assassinate Tony on his way out of town. Tony drops Meadow off for her Colby interview and drives away, claiming to have left his watch at the motel. Instead, he strangles Fred outside the travel agency office. After picking Meadow up, they head to Bowdoin, but she notices a cut on his hand and his muddy shoes. She immediately remembers the man at the gas station, but Tony swiftly crafts a story to cover up his actions.

Meanwhile, back in New Jersey, Carmela is resting in bed when the doorbell rings. It’s Father Phil and she rushes to make herself presentable. Father Phil admits he came by for her baked ziti and he builds a fire so they can sit and discuss theology over dinner. They are interrupted by the ringing phone; it’s Dr. Melfi calling to cancel Tony’s appointment because she’s also sick with the flu. Tony had followed Carm’s lead and always referred to his therapist as “he”, so she’s quite shocked to find out that Dr. Melfi is a woman. The deceit triggers something in Carmela and she proceeds to have her first true confession in 20 years. She still loves Tony, but realizes she took the easy path, instead the righteous one and she knows she needs to change. Then by the light of the roaring fire, Carmela takes communion with Father Phil.

Carm is peacefully asleep on Father Phil’s shoulder when the phone rings again. It’s AJ calling to say he’s spending the night at Jason’s house. They almost kiss, but Father Phil either drank too much wine or is coming down with the flu as he dashed to the bathroom to puke. He ends up spending the night on the couch, but is gone by the time Tony and Meadow return home. Nevertheless, Carmela tells Tony that the priest spent the night because she doesn’t want him to hear it from someone else. Just as he is launching a barrage of criticism, she stops him cold with the announcement that his doctor, Jennifer Melfi called to change his appointment.

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