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Episode #6
Pax Soprana
(original air date 2/14/1999)
Episode #6 Closed Captions Transcript

Writer: Frank Renzulli
Director: Alan Taylor

Guest Stars:
John Heard – Detective Vin Makazian
Jerry Adler – Hesh Rabkin
Al Sapienza – Mikey Palmice
Paul Schulze – Father Phil
Oksana Babiy – Irina
Tony Darrow – Larry Boy Barese
George Loros – Raymond Curto
Joe Badalucco, Jr. – Jimmy Altieri
Vincent Curtola – Johnny Sack
Freddy Bastone – Batman
William Conn – Old Man
Maurizio Corbino – Waiter
Sylvia Kauders – Old Woman
Salem Ludwig – Mr. Capri
Prianga Pieris – Mechanic
Salvatore Piro – Sammy Grigio
Christopher J. Quinn – Rusty Irish
Dave Salerno – Card Player
Frank Santorelli – Georgie
Donn Swaby – Guy on Bridge
Sonny Zito – Eggie

Uncle Junior is taking the title of Boss seriously, and sends Mikey P. to bust up a card game, just to remind everyone who’s in charge now. He’s also rewriting the rules, as most new bosses do, and refuses to honor any old agreements. And at Livia’s suggestion, he decides to put a hefty tax on Hesh. Now, Hesh doesn’t object to the tax, but he thinks Junior’s demands are unreasonable. Tony has to figure out a way to make everyone happy, without stepping on anyone’s toes. In order to do this, Tony spends most of his 18th wedding anniversary discussing this issue with Johnny Sack. He arranges a graceful way to deal with the situation so that Junior will never know he was involved. Unfortunately, the evening with Carmela doesn’t end so nicely, she’s still pissed that Tony didn’t tell her the truth about Dr. Melfi and that she was ignored on what should have been a special day. To top it off, Tony is also suffering from a Prozac side effect, so she indulges herself in a giant shopping spree to make up for her disappointments.

Vin Makazian is still keeping an eye on Dr. Melfi and after Tony reprimands him for beating up her date last month, he asks if she is still seeing the guy. Not only is he interested in her personal and social lives, he’s having erotic dreams about her. One of the little ways he shows his affection is by bring cups of coffee to his sessions. Dr. Melfi puts her foot down about the “no gifts” policy, but that doesn’t prevent him from having her car secretly repaired. He also attempts to kiss her, but she rebuffs his advance. During the following session Melfi has to address the incident and tells Tony that she is simply a sympathetic woman, something that is missing in his life currently. Since Tony is a man who’s not used to rejection, he reacts hostilely.

While Junior’s being measured for a new suit for his initiation dinner, he learns that the tailor’s 14 year old grandson killed himself by taking drugs and jumping off Paterson Falls. Mikey P. and some goons attempt to set things right by tossing the offending drug dealer over the falls and this action becomes the straw that broke the capos backs. They all complain to Tony that not only is Junior being greedy, now he’s really screwing things up for them. Tony talks with Junior and he decides to split Hesh’s money up amongst the top guys. Tony feels guilty and gives his share back to Hesh.

Meanwhile, the FBI has a spy cam at Junior’s dinner and they know all of the recent changes within the organization.

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