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Episode #7
Down Neck
(original air date 2/21/1999)
Episode #7 Closed Captions Transcript

Writer: Frank Renzulli
Director: Alan Taylor

Guest Stars:
Paul Albe – Contractor
Shirl Bernheim – Pearl
Madeline Blue – Janice
Bobby Borriello – Young Tony
Scott Owen Cumberbatch – Rideland Kid #2
Anthony Fusco – Father Hagy
Ron Grippa – Byron Barber
Jason Hauser – Rideland Cop
Michael Jordan – Rideland Kid
Greg Perrelli – Jared
Nick Raio – Wise Guy
Steve Santosusso – Guy
Tim Williams – Mr. Meskimmin

Carmela and Tony are called to the principal’s office after AJ and two friends get drunk on communion wine. The school psychologist suggests that AJ might have Attention Deficit Disorder and they want to put him through testing. It turns out he’s a borderline case, exhibiting 5 of the 9 symptoms.

One of AJ’s punishments, in addition to no TV or video games, is that he must visit his grandmother. During one of these visits he tells Livia that he had to go to a psychiatrist and she is shocked, but she is even more shocked when AJ reveals that Tony is also going to therapy.

While Tony does agree with Livia and Uncle Junior that AJ is going through a “boys will be boys” phase, he doesn’t need them encouraging this type of behavior. So when Tony states he does not condone this behavior AJ dares to smart off to his Dad with a reply of “Yeah, sure”. This leads Carmela and Tony to discuss how much the kids really know about the business. Soon they will all have to discuss things as a family.

In therapy, Tony asks Dr. Melfi if ADD is really a disease and mentions that he thinks that AJ is acting quite normal. He even offers her extra money to help him decide what to do. They also address the issue of Tony’s “love” for Melfi, but strangely it looks like the footage was shot much later and inserted. Lorraine Bracco’s hair is suddenly about 5 inches longer and much darker in color.

Meanwhile, Tony is forced to remember parts of his own childhood, like the first time he sees his father and Uncle Junior beat up a guy who owed them money. He also recalls following his Dad and older sister to an amusement park where he witnesses his relatives being arrested. He discovers then it wasn’t really sibling favoritism, Janice was a front for doing business. Another thing he remembers is his father wanting to move to Reno, but Livia says she’s rather smother her children than take them to Nevada. Tony asks her about this, but it seems she’s developed a selective memory, and she tells him maybe he should see a psychiatrist!

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