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Episode #8
The Legend of Tennessee Moltisanti
(original air date 2/28/1999)
Episode #8 Closed Captions Transcript

Writer: Frank Renzulli, David Chase
Director: Tim Van Patten

Guest Stars:
Drea de Matteo – Adriana
Al Sapienza – Mikey Palmice
Tony Darrow – Larry Boy Barese
George Loros – Raymond Curto
Joe Badalucco, Jr. – Jimmy Altieri
Frank Santorelli – Georgie
Sam Coppola – Dr. Reis
Brian Geraghty – Counter Boy
Will McCormack – Jason Le Penna
Ed Crasnik – Comedian
Joseph Gannascoli – Bakery Customer
Barbara Haas – Aida Melfi
Timothy Nolen – Jeffery Wernick
Barbara La Valle – Band Leader
Robert Anthony La Valle – Band Leader #2
Frank Pando – Agent Grasso
Annika Pergament – News Anchor
Brooke Marie Procida – Bride
Bill Richardone – Joseph Melfi
Matt Servitto – Agent Harris
Bruce Smolan – Emil Kolar

The wise guys are attending the wedding of Larry Boy Barese’s daughter, but they are more concerned with some impending federal indictments. Pussy even takes back the envelope he gave to the happy couple, how tacky! After the reception, Meadow quietly watches her parents clear a stash of weapons and cash out of their home’s duct work. The next day, with Carmela enlisted to take Livia out to brunch, Tony deposits everything in her closet at Green Grove. Just in time too, when the FBI shows up with a warrant there’s nothing to be found.

Dr. Melfi’s clan gathers for a family dinner and we are introduced to her son, Jason, ex-husband, Richard, and her parents. She accidentally makes a reference to a patient when the indictment topic is mentioned and this sparks a heated discussion of Italian-American values and the affect the mob has had on their image. Richard wants her to drop this patient and he brings it up again during a family therapy session. Even Dr. Reis agrees that Dr. Melfi should probably stop treating this person.

Tony warns Dr. Melfi that he might be taking a “vacation” and when she asked if this has to do with what she’s seen on the TV news, he remains in a state of denial. Why can’t he just admit she knows what is going on? Later, when she informs him that she has to bill him for the missed session, he becomes belligerent, throws the money at her and compares her to a call girl. Perhaps he’s still hurt by her rejection of his affections.

Christopher is haunted in his dreams by Emil Kolar and against the advice of both Paulie and Pussy, he makes Georgie go with him to dig up and move the body. Working on his dreadful screenplay is the only thing he seems to enjoy, and he’s very disappointed that he wasn’t named in the indictments. Unfortunately Christopher’s love of the movies isn’t enough to make him a decent writer. His raging temper comes boiling to the top when he is made to wait at a bakery, so he threatens the clerk and subsequently shoots him in the foot. (This scene pays homage to a scene in <i>Goodfellas</i> where Joe Pesci shoots Michael Imperioli’s character, Spider, in the foot for showing him a lack of respect.) Tony finally confronts Christopher about his erratic behavior and asks if he might be depressed or suicidal. He denies it, but the only thing that excites him is when his name is finally printed in the Star-Ledger. This is his arc.

And while being subjected to a hideously unfunny comedian, Livia informs Junior that Tony’s seeing a shrink, but she insists that there aren’t to be any repercussions. Yeah, right.

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