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Episode #11
Nobody Knows Anything
(original air date 3/21/1999)
Episode #11 Closed Captions Transcript

Writer: Frank Renzulli
Director: Henry Bronchtein

Guest Stars:
John Heard – Detective Vin Makazian
Karen Sillas – Debbie
Al Sapienza – Mikey Palmice
Joe Badalucco, Jr. – Jimmy Altieri
Giancarlo “John” Giunta – Kevin Bompensiero
George Loros – Raymond Curto
Sal Ruffino – Chucky Signore
Doug Barron – Dr. Mop-N-Glo
Veronica Bero – Girl
Britt Burr – Traffic Cop
Johann Carlo – Bonnie DiCaprio
Ramsey Faragallah – Fed #1
Annika Pergament – Female Anchor
Bobby Rivers – Male Anchor
Michele Santopietro – Jojo Palmice
Matthew Lawler – Fed #2
Chance Kelly – Fed #3
Tim Kirkpatrick – Detective #1
Peter Bretz – Detective #2

While visiting Madam Debbie’s house of ill repute the rest of the guys think Pussy’s having a heat attack, but he throws his back out instead. To make matters worse, when the feds raid Jimmy Altieri’s, Pussy tries to run for it, but barely makes it down the block. When he gets out of jail, he’s the victim of everyone’s ridicule. Then, Vin informs Tony that one of his guys is wearing a wire. Tony is convinced that Pussy’s bad back is a fake, but he also doesn’t want to believe this news about his best friend.

Tony also tells Dr. Melfi he has a feeling of pending doom and they discuss how secrets are heavy mental burdens that can turn into physical ailments. Needing to be sure about Pussy, Tony visits the Bompensiero’s and reminds Pussy that he does have options and friends that will help him. Still not certain, he tells Paulie that he’s 90% sure the rat is Pussy, but he needs to be 110% positive. Paulie agrees he won’t do anything, unless he sees the wire first. He tries to get Pussy to take off his clothes for a shvitz, but Pussy refuses and it makes him appear even more guilty. Pussy does the only thing he can do when it seems his life is in danger. He disappears.

Meanwhile, Silvio has been digging into Vin’s background (never trust a degenerate gambler with a badge) and finds out he’s in to Pussy for $30,000. When a vice raid catches Vin at Debbie’s, he is put on administrative leave. He never makes it to his hearing because he wigs out and leaps off the Route 1 bridge.

When Jimmy gets released from jail, he shows up at the Sopranos’ house and starts asking Tony lots of leading questions. Tony doesn’t fall for it and suddenly everything becomes crystal clear. The cops got confused, both Jimmy and Pussy were brought in at the same time and have similar physical descriptions. Now he know who the rat is, but he doesn’t know what happened to Pussy.

While all of this is going on, it appears Livia’s up to her old “poor me” act. Except,she’s started taking an aquatherapy class and wearing makeup. It seems Uncle Junior’s visits are cheering her up. However, when she finds out that Tony has sold her house, she lets it slip to him that Tony’s been having meetings with Raymond, Larry and Johnny Sack right there in Green Grove. Of course, Junior is incensed by this news and needs to do something about Tony going behind his back. We find out what he has planned when Mikey P. tells his wife that Tony Soprano is on the way out, forever.

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