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Episode #12
(original air date 3/28/1999)
Episode #12 Closed Captions Transcript

Writers: Robin Green & Mitchell Burgess
Director: Allen Coulter

Guest Stars:
Maria Grazia Cucinotta – Isabella
Al Sapienza – Mikey Palmice
Paul Schultze – Father Phil
Matt Servitto – Agent Harris
Joe Badalucco, Jr. – Jimmy Altieri
John Eddins – John Clayborn
Touche – Rasheen Ray
Kareen Germain – Nurse
Johnathan Mondel – Boy
Jack O’Connell – Vendor
Katalin Pota – Lilliana
Denise Richardson – Newscaster
Sal Ruffino – Chucky Signore
Bittu Walia – Doctor
David Wike – Donnie Paduana

Tony’s depressed, whether he wants to admit it or not. Meadow even comments on it. He doesn’t want to get out of bed, his personal grooming has taken a turn for the worst and ever since Pussy disappeared he’s been in a Prozac and Lithium induced haze. There is one thing that can still motivate him though; a beautiful woman. Too bad she turns out to be a mere figment of his imagination.

Mikey P. lets Uncle Junior know that the hit on Tony is going to go down at a newsstand he frequents, and there have been explicit instructions so that the family can have an open casket funeral. Christopher is worried about Tony and inadvertently foils the plan, by getting in the way of the hired killers, who seem to be car thieves trying to work their way up. This news makes Junior so upset he vomits, not a good sign for the guy who’s supposed to be in charge.

During his session, Dr. Melfi reminds Tony they are attempting to “kick start” his system. He thinks a kick in the head might be more effective. When Melfi suggests he check into a hospital, he replies that maybe he should just blow his head off since he feels nothing. She pushes his Prozac prescription to 60 mg.

Uncle Junior misses the regular family dinner; he’s not feeling well. However, Livia’s there and proceeds to talk about Tony like he’s not even in the room. The next day Junior informs Livia that “it” is done, but that’s not really quite what happened. Tony catches a glimpse of the gunman in his truck window and proceeds to fight for his life like a wild animal. Everyone is told that it was an attempted car jacking, but even AJ doesn’t believe that story. Junior and Livia see the story on the news and have to figure out what to do. What else, they have to make like nothing’s wrong and go visit like good relatives. At the house, Livia claims she doesn’t recognize Meadow, and later tells Junior she’s been forgetting things. Is she really going senile or is it all an act?

Agent Harris drops by the Emergency Room while the Doctor is sewing Tony’s ear back together. The FBI is offering full immunity in exchange for his testimony. Tony’s not interested, but Carmela is. Speaking of the FBI, Jimmy’s still trying to get information, but the only thing the feds are getting now are deliberate lies.

Tony has an emergency meeting with Dr. Melfi and asks her if she told anyone he was her patient. She admits she told immediate family that a patient was involved in the stuff on the news, but she never named him specifically. Tony still refuses to believe that his own mother could be involved in the attempt on his life, but does admit it was the jolt that he needed. He feels fine and he’s gonna feel even better when he finds out who’s responsible.

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