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Episode #14
(original air date 3/7/1999)
Episode #9 Closed Captions Transcript


Guy Walks Into A Psychiatrist’s Office


Writers: Jason Cahill, David Chase

Director: Allen Coulter

SUPPORTING CAST: Aida Turturro – Janice “Parvati” Soprano<br>

Drea de Matteo – Adriana La Cerva<br>

Jerry Adler – Herman “Hesh” Rabkin<br>

Darrell Carey – Proctor<br>

Dan Chen – Ernest Wu<br>

Karen Giordano – Samatha Martin<br>

Bryan Greenberg – Peter McClure<br>

George Loros – Raymond Curto<br>

Terry Winter – Tom Amberson<br>

David Margulies – Neil Mink<br>

Lillo Brancato, Jr. – Matt Bevelaqua<br>

Chris Tardio – Sean Gismonte<br>

Kevin Sussman – Kevin<br>

John Billeci – Manager<br>

Roberto Thomas – Lee<br>

John Fiore – Gigi Cestone<br>

Katrina Lantz – Sylvia<br>

Robert Cicchini – Dr. D’Alessio<br>

Nicole Burdette – Barbara<br>

Suzanne Shepard – Mary DeAngelis<br>

Tom Aldredge – Hugh DeAngelis<br>

Ed Vassallo – Tom Giglione<br>

Dan Grimaldi – Pasquale Parisi<br>

Oksana Babiy – Irina

<p>The second season premiere opens with a montage of images designed to show us what has changed (and what hasn’t) since we last saw the Soprano family. Carmela is still the perfect housewife and mother, Chris is still on drugs, Tony’s still sneaking in late, Meadow is learning to drive, Livia is in the hospital, Dr. Melfi is seeing patients in a motel and Uncle Junior is in jail.

<p>One of the major plot points of this episode is the return of Big Pussy. While retrieving the morning paper, Tony spots a car parked near the end of his driveway. Even when he sees who the driver is, he still starts to run away. He stops when Pussy puts up his hands to prove he’s unarmed. Tony is still wary, but invites him into the house. Now it’s Pussy’s turn to show his apprehension and he makes Tony promise that he won’t kill him. Pussy explains that he went to Puerto Rico and his reasons for doing so. They make up, but both men feel betrayed by one another and the trust isn’t there anymore.

<p>The other big turn of events is the arrival of Tony’s big sister, Janice (now know as Parvati, after a Hindu goddess). She blows in from Seattle, determined to take care of Livia and who knows what else. Tony plans a big family reunion barbeque, but Livia is not invited.

<p>Tony’s crew takes care of Philly Parisi, the last guy spreading stories about Tony going to therapy. It is finally safe for Dr. Melfi to come back. Tony visits her in a diner and she tells him how angry she is at him for ruining her practice and that one of her patients committed suicide. After a minor car accident, Tony attempts to see another therapist, since Dr. Melfi won’t take him back, but this guy refuses to treat him also.

<p>After a ringer takes the test, Chris becomes a stockbroker and is put in charge of running the Webistics stock scam. Matt and Sean are two office goons who mistakenly think they will move up in the organization by roughing up other brokers and stealing cars out of the parking lot.

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