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Madonn’! Too many Frequently Asked Questions and not enough time! These heading denote the most popular categories so far.

    Can I get an autographed picture of/get in touch with my favorite Sopranos actor?
    Not from us you can’t. Please remember Sopranoland is a Fan Site that simply wishes to share information about this terrific series with the world. Below are only addresses we are aware of, if we are notified of any others, we will let you know.

    HBO offers this official address for all The Sopranos actors…
    Actor’s Name, THE SOPRANOS, c/o HBO, 1100 Avenue of the Americas, New York NY 10036

    Check out our Links Page, for links to Sopranos actors’ official web sites and our 7 Question Interviews to find out more about the stars of The Sopranos.

    How is Christopher related to Tony?
    Christopher is the son of Carmela’s cousin. HBO decided to remove their family tree, so try this one instead.

    Tony's Tattoo Revealled!What is the tattoo on Tony’s shoulder? Is it real?
    It is a tiger and no, it is Temptu. Temptu has provided James Gandolfini with a variety of “tattoos” for his numerous stage and big screen roles. They have also created “tattoos” for other Sopranos actors (Aida Turturro’s is also a Temptu stock item) and for the other hit HBO show, OZ.

    Temptu Body ArtTemptu informed me that the Tiger Temptu is a stock item available for direct purchase. Available on a Single Image sheet (item # S7) featuring 9 tigers, each measuring 1.8″ x 3.5″, or in the Tattoo Envelope sheet (Macho series) where the tiger is on a page with other designs. You can also call Tempu at 1-800-972-9682 to order. Don’t forget to tell ’em Sopranoland sent you!

    Who is the actress was that played Isabella in Episode #12?
    The actress is Maria Grazia Cucinotta from the movie “Il Postino”.
    Click here to visit her web site (note: the Italian version seems to have more pictures than the English version).


    Is there going to be a Fifth Season?
    Yes! Production started in April, however the episodes won’t air until March 2004.

    The Sopranos - The Complete First Season DVDI am desperately seeking an episode of The Sopranos. Do you know where I can get them?
    The Sopranos First, Second and Third Seasons have been released on both DVD and VHS and the Fourth Season will be available on October 28, 2003, visit The Sopranoland Mall for more info.

    Episode #20 – What is a “D-Girl”?
    A derogatory Hollywood nickname for low-level film and television development executives of either sex (from “Buzzwords: L.A. Freshspeak” by Anna Scottie & Paul Young, contributed by LMG).

    Episode #23 – I noticed Tony’s boat is named “The Stugots”, what does it mean?
    Thanks to some helpful folks for the Italian lessons.

    “Gotz is Italian slang that literally means penis, however, it is used like the word ‘fuck’ is in English. Like we say, ‘what the fuck are you doing’ an Italian would say ‘che gotz e fa’ Which literally translates to ‘What penis are you doing?’
    XjohnX (via e-mail)

    “That is ‘esto cozzo’, Americanized pronunciation is Stugotz. It means ‘this cock'”
    R. Aprille (posted in the old Sopranoland Forum)

    Yes, it means literally “this cock/dick” in Italian but as I grew up with the phrase it meant to have nothing, like the English slang terms “I haven’t got dick, I didn’t get dick”. It would be used something like this…”Hey, you got any money?”….”Nah, I got stugots”. It’s also usually used with a crotch grab by the speaker. My father still uses it all the time.
    Tony (via e-mail)

    What does this Italian/mafia word mean/how do I spell it correctly?
    One of the most asked about is sfogliatelle. San Francisco Sopranos fan David Gross describes this delicacy for those that haven’t had the pleasure… “It’s a wonderful flaky pastry, almost like filo dough, that has a little bit of ricotta with pieces of shaved orange, like a trace of candied fruit mixed in for flavor… very different consistency than that a cannoli, and much, much less filling. It’s flaky, and great….and must be eaten fresh!” For more about the food and recipes on The Sopranos, check out Buon Appetito, a new addition to the Official HBO site.

    When are you going to make some more SoundBytes?
    When I have time (which doesn’t appear to be anytime soon)… running Sopranoland could be a full time job, but I also run my own design company, Poizen Ideas.


    Where is The Sopranos filmed?
    OK, have you been paying attention? The locations are filmed in New Jersey, David Chase’s birth state. They also film at Silvercup Studios in Queens, New York on sets X, B and 9.

    Where is Tony’s house?
    North Caldwell, New Jersey, but that’s all I will tell you. Think of it this way, If you lived there, would you want me giving the address out to everyone? I didn’t think so.

    Music from The HBO Original Series, The SopranosTHE MUSIC

    I am trying to find info about the theme song for The Sopranos. Can you help?
    The song is “Woke Up This Morning (Chosen One Mix)” by the English band Alabama 3 (aka A3, since the U.S. based country band Alabama complained that people might confuse them, yeah, right!) and it is available on The Sopranos Soundtrack. Click here for the song lyrics.
    The Sopranos – Peppers and Eggs: Music From The HBO Series is a new 2-Disk set that was released on May 8, 2001.

    Who sings the Italian opera song Carmela is always listening to?
    It is “Con Te Partiro” from Andrea Bocelli’s album “Romanza”. Click here to buy it from

    Who sings the song that Hesh calls a “hit” from the end of Episode #10 – A Hit Is A Hit?
    This song has finally been identified! It is “Nobody Loves Me But You” from Dori Hartley’s album “Blue Djinn” (pronounced “gin”). The album seems to be out of print, but I found my copy at To learn more about the music in episode #10, read Ken Kurson’s terrific article, Singing Sopranos
    and there’s the Newsflash I wrote for La Famiglia – The Sopranos FanClub.

    There’s this song in Episode XX that I can’t get out of my head. What is it?
    Fortunately for you, someone has already tried to figure all the songs out. In order to make finding this info easier for you music info is contained in my Fourth Season episode write-ups. If you still can’t find what you are looking for then you might also want to check the HBO Bulletin Boards or’s Music Guide and if that still doen’t help, then we just don’t know the answer, sorry.


    Where can I buy Sopranos merchandise?
    We are always keeping our eyes peeled for official Sopranos and cool Sopranos-related stuff, and what we have found is at The Sopranoland Mall. The Soundtrack and episodes on DVD and VHS are available, along with t-shirts, books, posters and mugs. You can also check out Sopranos auction items on eBay for the more hard-to-find items.

    Matt models a Sopranoland Long Sleeved T-shirtWhat about Sopranoland stuff?
    Due to Sopranoland’s popularity there are limited quantities of Sopranoland T-shirts and other items available, and thank you for supporting Sopranoland!


    How did Sopranoland get started?
    Sopranoland was first envisioned in July 1999 and launched on October 15, 1999. At the time there were few Sopranos sites available and it was meant to be a highly comprehensive one. I think it has been a successful endeavor, but there is always so much more that could be done, if only I had more time.

    Who runs Sopranoland?
    Webmistress “Poizen” Ivy ( is the force behind Sopranoland and creator of almost all of the content, graphics, SoundBytes, etc. And if I didn’t create them, then credit is given to whomever did. That’s right, amazingly enough Sopranoland is a one woman project and could be a full-time job, but I’ve already got one of those… my company, Poizen Ideas, designs web sites, print ads, on-line promotions, custom screen savers and a whole bunch of other cool things.

    I’m selling this really neat thing and I want you to tell all the fans about it!
    OK, so it’s not really a question, but the point is I’m are starting to get more and more of these types of e-mails. Here’s my general rule of thumb… if you are attempting to make money at something, then you should be willing to kick something my way if you expect Sopranoland to do a favor for you. Hey, that’s the Sopranos way, no? Click here for more about promoting with Sopranoland.

    Again, Sopranoland is a Fan Site, so please don’t waste your time sending me e-mail that says “Tell Tony I said Hi”, “If you need my help as a consultant…”, “I love your show…”. I love The Sopranos too, but it is emphatically NOT my show. I’m a fan just like you, only slightly better connected. 😉

    Also, please note that Sopranoland receives about 200 e-mails every week. I do look though them all and attempt to answer, but it may take a while. Don’t forget to check out the Links page, there are lots of other Sopranos sites out there, and they just might have what you’re looking for.

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