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The Sopranos Cast
Official sites and our favorites dedicated to Sopranos Cast members

Steven Van Zandt aka Little Steven's Official site
“Little” Steven Van Zandt’s official web site

 Dominic Chianese's official site
Dominic Chianese’s official web site

Federico Castellucco's official web site
Federico Castellucco’s official web site
Steven Schrripa’s official web site
Joe Pantoliano’s official web site
Jamie-Lynn’s official web site

Joseph R. Gannascoli
Joseph R. Gannascoli’s official web site

Maria Grazia Cucinotta
Official site for the actress who played the figment of Tony’s imagination, Isabella

Sofia Milos
Official web site of the actress who played Annalisa Zucca

Unofficial Web Domain of James Gandolfini
Basic bio & filmography stuff

James Gandolfini Fan Site

Fans of Vincent Pastore
Yahoo! Club dedicated to the actor who played Big Pussy Bompensiero

The Unofficial Lorraine Bracco Website

The Sopranos Offical Fanlisting

Official Michael Imperioli Fanlisting

Official Federico Castelluccio Fanlisting

Sopranos-Related linkss
The White Rose
Check out Dominic Chianese’s musical and acting talents in Nathan Nazario’s short film,
The White Rose. Download it from

On The Run
Bruno de Almeida’s film featuring Michael Imperioli and John Ventimiglia

Alabama 3 (aka A3)
The band that performs “Woke Up This Morning,” The Sopranos theme song

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The Sopranoland Forum
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The Official HBO’s The Sopranos Message Board

Scott’s Sopranos EZ Board

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