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Joseph R. Gannascoli Answers
The Sopranoland Seven Questions
(and then some)

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Joseph R. Gannascoli was born and raised in Brooklyn and attended St. Johns for two years, majoring in communications. He then developed a passion for cooking and soon became a self-taught chef. In the early 1990’s, Joe landed a role in Money for Nothing, a film with James Gandolfini, John Cusack and Benecio del Toro. By 1995, Joe opened a restaurant and continued to dabble in acting. Since then he has appeared in numerous movies, including Two Family House, Mickey Blue Eyes, On The Run, Basquiat and Ed Wood.

Soprano Sue dropped by Joe’s Brooklyn restaurant Soup As Art, located at 8321 3rd Ave. After enjoying a cup of soup and an outstanding sandwich wrap, she then proceded to get his answers to our Sopranoland Seven Questions.

1. How did you find out you’d gotten a role on The Sopranos?
My fairy god mother, Georgianne Walken, called and told me they wanted to see me for a re-occurring role.

2. How has working on Sopranos altered your life?
I can’t give IOU’s anymore, everyone wants to be paid.

3. Tell us about your favorite Sopranos memory?
I was doing a scene and looked over and saw David Chase laughing at the monitor.

4. Do you have any similarities to your character, Vito Spatafore?
We are both aerobic freaks.

5. What made you choose to become an actor?
I didn’t, it chose me.

6. What role would you most like to play?
A lifeguard on Bay Watch.

7. What is in your future?
If I knew, I’d be at the track.

How would you describe yourself?

What location is your favorite place to film?
Silvercup Studio, it’s geographically closer for me.

What is something that peole would be surprised to know about you?
I am a world reknown chef.

Do you use the internet? What are some of your favorite sites?
Yes, I like, and

What is your favorite meal from Premiere Catering?

In episode #31 – Another Toothpick, you dig into a Whitman’s Sampler and appear to be looking for a particular type of chocolate. What would that be?
Joe as Gino from Episode #8The one with the ring.

Didn’t we see you in The Sopranos First Season?
Yeah, I was a character named Gino (see picture at right), a customer who comes into the bakery just before Christopher shoots the clerk in the foot (a homage to Goodfellas BTW).

For more information, visit Joseph R. Gannascoli’s web site.

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