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Allen Rucker (author of The Sopranos: A Family History) Answers
The Sopranoland Seven Questions
(and then some)

1. How did you find out you were goingto write a book about The Sopranos?
David Chase saw a TNT documentary I had written called Family Values: The Mob & The Movies. He called me and mentioned the book. I didn’t believe him. Six months later his manager, Susie Fitzgerald, called and said, “Guess what you’re writing?” I took the rest of the day off.

2. How has writing this book altered your life?
Free pizza from Ooh-Fa’s, around-the-clock police protection, and a shitpile of resumes from wiseguys trying to break into show business.

3. Tell us about your favorite Sopranos memory?
My seven-minute interview with Nancy Marchand, thought to be the last one she gave. She had the gift of no-bullshit. When I asked her if there was anything she liked about Livia Soprano, she said, “No.”

4. Do you have any similarities to Jeffery Wernick?
Mr. Wernick is a narcissist, a sycophant, a glory-hog, a shameless gossip, a shady businessman, and a bad dresser. I am none of those things. I am the Jeffrey Wernick he longs to be.

5. What made you choose to become a writer?
I have no idea, beyond reading Albert Camus’ The Stranger, and saying, “That looks like fun.” It was more of an imperative than a calling. It took years to lose the dread. For a long time I thought of switching to medicine, as if they’d have me.

6. What kind of book would you most like to write?
Madame Bovary, and barring that, something uproariously funny, and barring that, I don’t know.

7. What is in your future?
Oh, I’ll probably have to write more about those darn Sopranos, since I have this guy Jeffery Wernick’s ear and he never shuts up, and after that, it’s a secret.

How would you describe yourself?
See answer #4. I’m none of those things, but a reasonably good yodeler.

Do you have a fan e-mail address?
I get e-mail via the web site. Jeffrey pilfers the notes from Irina and sends me the ones on how to spell “gabagool.”

Do you use the Internet?
Constantly. I highly recommend or Amazon or B&N for all your Sopranos book buying needs. And, of course, Sopranoland!

Anything else?
No, I’ve said enough already.

The Sopranos: A Family History by Allan Rucker
The Sopranos : A Family History
by Allen Rucker

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