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Here’s my general rule of thumb… if you are attempting to make money at something,
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Web Site
Quick Stats

Contains over 75MB of data and over 175 pages

Sopranoland consistantly ranks as one of the most popular Sopranos web sites on the Internet
(per Alexa)

Peak Stats
7,500 unique visitors
& 50,000 page views
per day

Serves out over
3 GigaBytes of data daily

Off-Season Stats
7,000 page views per day

Serves out over
1 GigaBytes of data daily

Sopranoland Announcement List Quick Stats

over 6,400 subscribers
(as of April 29, 2003)

50/50 male/female ratio

80% aged 18-49

Most popular
with ages 30-39

25% reside in NJ & NY

25% reside outside the U.S.

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Banner Advertising
Banners are placed at the top of Sopranoland’s pages for maximum visibility. Our banner network software tracks both your banner’s exposures and click through rate. You have access to your statistics via a password-protected account.

You can provide your own banner or we can use our advertising expertise to design an eye-catching static or animated banner for you (additional charges will apply). Please e-mail us the information regarding your company and/or product and we will customize a campaign and rate quote for you.

Page Sponsorship
Another option is sponsorship of a Sopranoland page or subsection. Various sized buttons can be placed in the page sidebars. Multiple sponsors will appear on a first come, first served basis and will be limited to not more than three sponsors per page. Please e-mail for more specific pricing based on the page(s) you are interested in sponsoring.

E-mail List Sponsorship
Sponsorship of the Sopranoland Announcement E-mail List is also available. This allows your text message with an HTML link to your web site for more information to reach Sopranos fans directly via e-mail. Mailings occur approximately once a month. Multiple e-mail list sponsors will appear on a first come, first served basis, please e-mail us with information regarding your company and/or product and we will send you back a customized quote.

Contest Promotions
Another option for gaining exposure for your company, service or product is through our regularly scheduled prize giveaways. These contests will held approximately six times a year and to participate you must be willing to contribute merchandise to be included in our prize packages. Contest sponsors will be listed on our contest info page and mentioned in our promotional e-mails. Please e-mail us information on the contest you are proposing.

Some of our Sopranoland Giveaways have featured items from Decca Records/
and Penguin Publishing’s book “The Sopranos: A Family History“.

ALL advertising must be prepaid. Exclusive Sponsorships are available for additional charges. All advertising promotions are first come, first served and are subject to editor’s discretion. All prices and specifications are subject to review every 6 months thereafter. Prices are based on site traffic volume and may be adjusted upon review. Prices are guaranteed through the duration of your contract agreement. Upon renewal of your contract, the new pricing structure may be implemented. Please e-mail if you have any further questions and thank you for your interest in promotion with

Sopranoland - The Sopranos Fan Mega Site

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