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Sopranoland Sightings
Tim from Atlanta sent us some photos and a story…
I just rediscovered your site and thought I’d send along this photo of Drea deMatteo and myself. I met her during intermission in Lorraine Bracco’s final performance as Mrs. Robinson in “The Graduate” on Broadway. I’ve also attached photos of Lorraine!

Drea was outside with her mother, father and grandmother, smoking a cigarette and talking on the phone. I couldn’t believe it was her! This was in February 2003.

Carlo e-mailed us this…
I have been a fan of the Sopranos since day one. It was even more special being from North Newark and this was the first time I was able to catch a glimpse of them filming on 10th Street just a few blocks from my house. I was amazed how much goes into the shoots. I was also lucky enough to be able to grab a quick photo opp with Tony Sirico, who by the way was a gentlemen and a real class act. My dream is to get more photos of the cast in the future. I think it is so amazing that people nowadays are able to interact with their favorite celebs. Just think years ago our parents would watch tv hoping that someday they could meet their childhood idols, so yes this is a big deal for me, I guess im just a big kid at heart. Also on a separate note it is even more inspiring to see Italian Americans working as actors and being such a definative credit to their profession.
Thanks so much. Your biggest fan (literally).

P.S. I was stopped a hundred times and asked for my autograph, some people thought I was Baccala/Vito and I was in costume. But on a serious note I dress like that for real.Cool deal being asked for an autograph, I think I can get used to that. lol

More pix from SopranoDave

from the Bada Bing….

from the Skyway Diner in So. Kearny…

from the Funeral Home in Kearny…

Denise Borino Frank Vincent

from the Bakery in West Caldwell…

Frank Vincent

Wanna peek inside the Bada Bing and see other Sopranos Locations?
Take the Original Sopranos Tour

Thanks to the folks who have shared their pictures with us!

If you have photos of The Sopranos actors that you’d like to share with other fans e-mail and let me know!

Ari shares this tale…
I ran into Matt Delnegro (aka Brian Cammarata) in New York City over the summer at a celebrity after-party. We spoke about acting and his career for awhile. He even invited me and my fiance to his birthday party. What a nice guy!

Ari and Matt Delnegro

Amanda sends us this…
I am enclosing a pic of me and Jimmy Gandolfini… I recently met him at a charity event in NYC at Battery Park’s American Park restaurant. He is a great guy. Very nice, funny and down to earth.

Amanda and James Gandolfini

More pix from SopranoDave
Steve Schirripa
Steve Schirripa in the parking lot of BadaBing
SopranoDave and James Gandolfini
SopranoDave & James Gandolfini in N. Caldwell at Mattarrazzo Farm

Tony Sirico
Tony Sirico in his trailor on an afternoon lunch break

Guy shared this photo of his son, Guy Junior, at Island Beach State Park with James Gandolfini

James Gandolfini and Guy, Jr.

Ada tells us…
“The Sopranos were filming on my block, in Rutherford both in April & July. Both Drea De Matteo & Michael Imperioli were there both times. The house they were filming at is supposed to represent, I think, a rehab center where Christopher goes to break his coke habit. After filming was over, both graciously posed for pictures. Drea deMatteo (pictured below with a fan on April 17th) was particularly pleasant, posing with the spectators although she must have been suffering, wearing a sweater in weather that was in the mid nineties.”

SopranoDave shoots again!
These are from the 3/19/02 filming at Bada Bing…
Vincent Curatola and Dave Bada Bing

Michael Imperioli
And this one of Michael Imperioli
is from the 3/29/02 filming at
Matarrazzo Farms in No. Caldwell.

Rachel says,
“I met Furio Giunta at this restaurant called South City Grill in Parsippany, NJ. He was extremely nice and gladly let me snap this photo with him.”

Rachel and Federico

Dave and James Gandolfini
SopranoDave sent these Season Four photos of filming in November at Italianissmo Restaurant in West Caldwell and the remodeled Soprano House

Photo by SopranoDave

Photo by SopranoDave

Photo by SopranoDave

Photo by SopranoDave

Johnny shares this story…

Nate asks…
“Was anyone aware of the filming of some Sopranos scenes down In Florida ?? I saw them there while I was down there 7/2- 7/3. They shot some scenes at the Fountainbleu Hotel. I got some shots of “T” (James Gandolfini), and BEANSY was there too, so I guess he’s back in the picture.”

Dave and James Gandolfini“My brother and I recently ran into Federico Castelluccio walking down Broadway in Manhattan. We spoke with him for about 10 minutes and he couldn’t have been nicer and more genuine. He was on his way back from an art show and had a book on painting with him. He told us how he is a painter as well. I have since checked out his website and learned that he is an amazing painter. This is one talented guy. I asked him about his accent and then we started speaking Italian and he explained that he was born in Napoli and lived most of his life in NJ. He had been on the set that morning and was on his way back that afternoon. It was so cool to talk to him and it really blew our minds.”

Steve Schirripa Desktop Wallpaper

Steve Schirripa Wallpaper
Steve Schirripa at The Riviera in Las Vegas
640×480 800×600 1024×768

Steve Schirripa at the RivieraBack in April 2001 I had the pleasure of meeting Steve Schirripa (aka Bobby Bacala) at the Riviera in Las Vegas for a Sopranoland interview.

I’m lame, and I’ll admit it, because I still haven’t transcribed the recordings from that day. I’m gonna try and post them as audio files shortly, so you can listen to his responses to my questions.
Until then, here’s the photos.

Steve Schirripa at the Riviera Crazy Girls and Steve

Dominic Chianese

SopranoSue decided it was time to start her very own web site
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