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Sopranoland World Destruction Giveaway Winners
Grand Prize Winner
Patricia Harczak
Thompson Falls, MT

Sopranos History Book

Badda Bing Club Ashtray and World Destruction

Second Prize Winner
Michael West
Las Vegas, NV

Who's Sorry Now

Third Prize Winners
Bucky Harris
Raeford, NC

Nick Marciano
Struthers, OH

Christine Isenberg
Austin, TX


Penguin Group

Sopranoland Godfather’s Day Giveaway Winners

The Godfather’s Day
Grand Prize Winners

James Ilario
Hollywood, CA

Donna Antinnes
Hanover Township, PA

Godfather’s Day Giveaway
Runners Up Winners

Michael Brown
Garfield Heights, OH

Elizabeth Berndt
Martinsville, IN

Margaret Duhigg
Winter Park, FL

Ed Ketz
Norfolk, VA

Ann Bastardi
Waretown, NJ

Sopranoland Godfather's Day Grand Prizes
Sopranoland Goomba Giveaway Winners

The Goomba Giveaway
Grand Prize Winner

Patty Robinson
Toms River, NJ

Goomba Runners Up Winners

Charlie Mc Grane
Henderson, NV

John Branson
Dallas, TX

A Goomba's Guide to Life

Visit Sopranoland T-shirt

Sopranoland Wise Girl Giveaway Winners

The Wise Girl
Grand Prize Winner

Tim Harris
Batesville, Arkansas

Wise Girl Runners Up Winners

Marianne Heod
Bremen, IN

Jill Kousseau
Eagan, MN

Jennifer Rossi
Scranton, PA

Wise Girl

Sopranoland T-shirt and Fuhgetaboutit! Tank Top


Simon & Schuster

Sopranoland’s The Mexican Giveaway Winners

The Mexican
Grand Prize Winner

Howard Ogomori
Torrance, California

The Mexican DVDThe Mexican on DVD and a Soundtrack CD


Decca Records/

The Mexican Second Prize Winners

Laura Karlak
Bartlesville, OK

Lydia Denning
Tacoma, WA

Jennifer Lewis
St. Petersburg, FL

Leon Rosborough, Sr.
Whittier, CA

The Mexican Soundtrack CD

The Mexican soundtrack CD
Sopranoland’s Giveaway Who Wasn’t There Winners

Sharla Swinney
Willits, CA

Alex Rousseau
Forest Lake, MN

Diane Atkin
Twinsburg, OH

Jon Danziger
South Nyacu, NY

Elizabeth Mays
Stevenville, MI

The Man Who Wasn't There Soundtrack CD
The Man Who Wasn’t There
Soundtrack CD


Decca Records/

Sopranoland Last Castle Giveaway Winners

Catherine Rome
Basking Ridge, NJ

David Guss
Elgin, IL

Karen Cirrito-Centofanti
Niagra Falls, NY

Ray Mays
Stevenville, MI

Arlene Stiziori
Surf City, NJ

The Last Castle Soundtrack CD
The Last Castle
Original Motion Picture Score CD


Sopranoland Hits Giveaway Winners

Hits Grand Prize Winner

Rachel Campbell
Verona, Wisconsin

Sopranos First Season DVD
A Sopranos First Season DVD set
and a Dominic Chianese Hits CD
both signed by Dominic Chianese

Hits Prize Pack Winners
A Dominic Chianese Hits CD and color photo, both signed by Dominic Chianese

Semyon Sokolinsky
Reisterstown, MD

Don Thomas
Grants Pass, OR

Julie Krilow
Surrey, BC Canada

Hits Photo Winners
A color photo autographed by Dominic Chianese

Jen Greer
Wayne, NJ

Diane Vinesett
Chesterfield, VA

Alfreda Holloway
Beatty, NV

Summer Erwin
Chattanooga, TN

Bruce Rubin
Fairfax, VA

Sopranoland Scout Giveaway Winners

Entrants had to correctly answer this question …
What name was the band Scout given for their appearance on The Sopranos?
The Miami Relatives

Scout Grand Prize Winner

Leah Marie Cook
Tulsa, OK

Scout Grand Prize

Scout Prize Pack Winners
(Scout T-shirt, CD & Sopranoland Stickers)

Sandy Okstad
Ely, MN

J. DeMarco
Baltimore, MD

Scout CD Prize Winners
(It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time CD
& Sopranoland Sticker)

Rebecca Maxim
San Jose, CA

Lou Lanza
Birdboro, PA

Amy Clark
Payson, UT

Paula Franks
Seattle, WA

Emily Goldfarb
Framingham, MA

Sopranoland Mafia Shirt Giveaway Winners
Mafia Shirt Grand Prize Winner

James Stage
Cranberry Township, PA

Satriale's Mafia Bowling Shirt

BaddaBing Club bar accessories

I received the tee shirt and ash tray just in time for the big night and what it a night it was. I enjoy Sopranoland almost as much as the show. I have bumper stickered my car, I post-it when I mean business, the cd is #2 on my player (sorry the first season is #1) and even my fridge is flying the colors. We the fans bow to you almighty Sopranoland gods.”



Mob Story: A Hip Hopera
Mob Story: A Hip Hopera
Courtesy of
Wise Guys Entertainment

Mafia Shirt Prize Pack Winners
(Sopranoland T-shirt, Badda Bing Shotglass OR Ashtray, Mob Story CD & Poster, plus Sopranoland Stickers, Post-it Pad & Magnets)

Jasmine Williams
San Francisco, CA

Marie Jaskiewicz
Ursa, IL

Mafia Pack Winners
(Mob Story CD & Poster, Sopranoland Stickers, Post-it Pad & Magnets)

Crystal Schneider
Hartland, WI

Carla Rubin
Cleveland, OH

Armando De Leon
Colorado Springs, CO

Nivia Hernandez
Brooklyn, NY

Jane Witkowski
Paxton, MA

Sopranoland Mob Story Giveaway Winners
Mob Story Grand Prize Winner

David Selenko
Monmouth Junction, NJ

Mob Story Grand Prize

Mob Story: A Hip Hopera
Mob Story: A Hip Hopera
Courtesy of
Wise Guys Entertainment

Mob Story Prize Pack Winners
(Mob Story CD & Poster, Sopranos Calendar, plus Sopranoland Stickers, Post-it Pads & Magnets)

John Speaks
Atlanta, GA

Andrew Moore
Denver, CO

Mob Story CD Pack Winners
(Mob Story CD & Poster, Sopranoland Stickers, Post-it Pads & Magnets)

Marsha Smith
Baton Rouge, LA

Jacqui Donato
Little Falls NJ

Mary Hynes
Fremont, NH

Lee Yocum
Omaha, NE

Sopranoland Birthday Extravaganza Giveaway Winners
Kingpin Prize Pack Winner

Raymond Slonieski
Toms River, NJ

One person will win all this stuff!

“I received my Soprano book and the bag of Sopranoland goodies last week and I had to say thank you, it was a great addition to Christmas.

You’ve done so much for us fans and I’m sure I speak for all of us when I say that we appreciate it greatly.”

Karen Bennion


The Sopranos: A Family History
The Sopranos: A Family History
Courtesy of
Penguin Press

Capo Prize Pack Winners
(The Sopranos: A Family History and Sopranoland Stickers, Post-it Pads & Magnets)

Don Christopher
Hollywood, CA

Karen Bennion
S. Jordan, UT

John Launder
Kearny, NJ

Crew Prize Pack Winners
(Sopranoland Stickers, Post-it Pads & Magnets)

Pam Weiner
Arlington, TX

Alan Zoldan
esley Hills, NY

Sherry Edkin
Erie, PA

Shirley Skelon
Pasadena, CA

Chris Siegfried
Mount Vernon, NY

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